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Long Point Beach, Martha's Vineyard

West Tisbury, MA

41.34839° N, -70.63872° W

Where: Long Point Rd, West Tisbury View Map

Water Type: Salt water

Type: Surf

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Good for: Walking, Swimming, Fishing


Part of the 600-acre Long Point Wildlife Refuge, the beach is a barrier beach with surf on the side facing the Atlantic Ocean and warm salt- and freshwater ponds on the other. Bored sitting on the beach? Enjoy birdwatching or hiking the beautiful trails of the Reservation. From mid-June to mid-September, Trustees Members and children are FREE, plus half-price vehicle parking discount for basic-level members.


13 rated reviews | 28 total reviews

Vineyard Haven, MA
2 reviews
Member since: Aug 2023


Who doesn't love the ocean AND a fresh water pond for rinsing off when the day is done, or for the little ones, when the ocean waves can be a bit much. Tag-team and everyones happy.

2 reviews
Member since: Jul 2014


Absolute great beach for kids. Worth the drive and tricky entrance. It has the waves like South Beach on one side and a small pond for swimming for the littles on the other. Pro tip: book parking in advance through the trustees and bring a sand wagon for the small hike to the best spot.

New York, NY
2 reviews
Member since: Aug 2021


A bit of a trek from parking but well worth it!!

Sapelo Island, GA
2 reviews
Member since: Jun 2022


Private beach setting on a wild life reserve that Tracey has a members for and set it up for us.
If you have children they will absolutely love it.
Soft sand, beautiful view, and not crowded. Waves can be rough so the ocean side is not a place for children who want to be in the water. They should stay in the cove side where you can rent boards, Kayak’s and paddle boats.
You will love it!

Cambridge, MA
1 review
Member since: Jun 2022


Long Point is unique because it has the Oceanside and a pond side for children.

2 reviews
Member since: Jun 2021


Beautiful secluded beach -- ocean side for surfers, and pond side is calm and warm for paddle boating, kayaking, and swimming. Requires parking reservation.

Boca Raton, FL
2 reviews
Member since: May 2021


Quiet and gorgeous

Yonkers, NY
2 reviews
Member since: Feb 2021


The beach is pristine and beautiful facing the South shore, the Atlantic Ocean. But a very short walk through a sand dune brings you to huge, calm FRESH WATER POND, beautiful shallow sandy bottom, perfect for young children. A perfect family place.

2 reviews
Member since: Jun 2020


Long Point Reserve - This beach is perfect for families. It has both an ocean side and a freshwater pond side. Our kids loved the pond and the fish in the pond. The beach is great for surfing. Had I known, I would have brought a board. It also was not crowded, but you do need a reservation (at least this year because of COVID).

South Hamilton, MA
2 reviews
Member since: Sep 2019


Long Point is a little slice of heaven. South shore ocean beach and two beautiful ponds all in one complex. In the prime of summer go early.

Watertown, MA
3 reviews
Member since: Nov 2018


I like how you can set up between the beach and the pond (the kids like it).

Patchogue, NY
2 reviews
Member since: Apr 2016


Stunningly beautiful!

2 reviews
Member since: Jan 2018


Limited amount of people are admitted. Quiet and peaceful! Extremely rustic! Beautiful local geography and vegetation. You can enjoy the ocean and/or the pond. You are able to rent paddle boards and kayaks on the pond. The pond is good for little children and the ocean can be enjoyed by everyone.

Ashland, MA
4 reviews
Member since: Mar 2012


By far, the best family beach -- we go here every year. Pond on one side and ocean on the other over the dunes. Its pricey to get in and can be closed due to limited parking. The walk to the beach is long but fairly easy with mulch and sand. Outdoor showers and Port o Pottys on site. No lifeguards.

2 reviews
Member since: Jun 2018


A beautiful beach with big surf or if you prefer take a dip in the nearby pond

West New York, NJ
2 reviews
Member since: Jun 2018


Our favorite beach is Long Point, a Trustees of the Reservation Beach, a short ride from the home off a private road.

Pikesville, MD
2 reviews
Member since: Jan 2017


Fantastic beach for family. Only thing to note is you need to arrive promptly as it fills up in the am. It is worth getting there early and the long walk!

Warwick, RI
2 reviews
Member since: Jul 2017


Out of the way, fresh water pond to boot

Silver Spring, MD
3 reviews
Member since: Feb 2007


Limited parking so get there by 9:30 am or you won't get in. It's a long ride to the shore so leave enough time.

3 reviews
Member since: Jun 2016


This is Trustees of Reservations beach. The first time we stepped on the beach, it took our breath away. Gorgeous shore line as far as the eye can see.

Guilford, CT
2 reviews
Member since: Sep 2011


Picturesque setting, big waves, lake access for small children. Highly recommend.

Pleasant Valley, NY
2 reviews
Member since: Apr 2007


Offering the best of both worlds, a warmer calm pond on one side of the beach, the wavy boogie boarding ocean on the other. Perfect for families with varied beach requirements, satisfying everyone in the same visit. Make sure you go either early or late, as there is a fee and limited space for parking.

2 reviews
Member since: May 2014


This home [Property ID 23070] is close to Long Point Beach which has the benefit of the fresh water pond and the ocean side of South Beach without the crowds. Long Point Beach is part of the Trustees, worth a day trip.

New York, NY
2 reviews
Member since: Oct 2013


This was a great location for families with young children because there is a beach, as well as a large pond that allows for calmer swimming. While visiting this summer, we enjoyed witnessing a sea turtle release, compliments of the Wildlife Refuge on site. They do limit the number of cars that can park on site, so check opening times and plan to arrive early!

Needham Heights, MA
1 review
Member since: Aug 2013


It's a great beach for everyone. Only downside is you must arrive early or you can be shut out of the parking lot. The beach was very different from the hurricane, which made for a steep incline. Overall, we enjoyed the ocean and the pond with our children.

Medway, MA
2 reviews
Member since: Dec 2006


Favorite spot on earth. Great for families. Lots of beach so you can spread out and enjoy the beauty. Great for walking. Also have the fresh pond to rinse off.

2 reviews
Member since: Jul 2013


Great combination of surf on one side and calm pond on the other! Great picnic beach.

Shutesbury, MA
4 reviews
Member since: Feb 2011


We love to kayak across Great Tisbury Pond to the backside of Long Point Beach and hang out by the cut or walk back toward the Trustees entrance.