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Photography, Video, and Consultation Services

15 reviews

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(508) 785-5484

Servicing: Upper Cape Cod, Mid Cape Cod, Lower Cape Cod, Outer Cape Cod, Just off Cape, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket

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About Photography, Video, and Consultation Services...Would you like to improve your property listing? Do you wish you received more inquiries for your vacation rental? Allow WeNeedaVacation to help you! Take advantage of our personalized, on-site photography, video, and consultation services. Becky will provide extra lighting, fresh flowers and staging to take bright digital pictures. She will then edit the pictures, provide recommendations, and upload the new pictures onto your property listing. She has worked with over 350 homes on the site with proven, successful results.

Reviews (15 reviews total)

Harwich, MA
1 review
Member since: May 2004
Photography Services

We recently renewed our listing in the dead of winter, after putting up a new addition. Since our old pictures didn't do the house justice, we decided to go for it, and enlist Becky's help.
Needless to say we were very happy with the results. The extra lighting, and wide angle camera shots brought the house to life.
Becky was very patient, waited for the right day, and we followed her suggestion to liven up photos.

Eastham, MA
1 review
Member since: Mar 2002
More Than Expected

We have two cottages and asked for help with photographs. Becky prepared for the appointment before the meeting date, familiarizing herself with the original photographs, and drawing a sense of place, both from the cottages and their locations. She used the original photos to begin the conversation of what is important to us about our cottages. She encouraged participation, listened and explained why she was taking photos from different locations. She made a comment and suggestion on how we might utilize a large space on our property, which has never been highlighted in our description. She also reviewed the cottage description.

Becky sent the final products for both cottages on time, and they are remarkable. The light, the locations of picture taking have enhanced the attractiveness. Our favorite shot is of one of the back deck areas, a space special to us, but we were never able to capture its value. Becky located herself in a different place to take the photo, enabling the photo of this back deck area to reflect its uniqueness.

Becky includes suggestions for layout and labels for the photos she recommends. (We took her suggestions, but they were all great photos.) Suggestion: Try to review your photos on a computer, rather than an iPad. The layout numbers and labels are more readily available using a computer.

With her comments on our property's space and with these high quality photos, Becky has enabled us to appreciate our property anew.

Yarmouth, MA
1 review
Member since: Apr 2008
West Yarmouth picture update

I had decided to use the companies in house photographer to update my property pictures since we had done various improvements.

I can not say enough about Becky the photographer. She is very knowledgeable, and had great suggestions on how to show each area the best way. She was on time and had everything she needed to enhance the look of the shots. We were very satisfied with the pictures she suggested, and are sure this will only improve our rentals.

Dennis, MA
1 review
Member since: Apr 2007
Updated Photos for 2014

Becky's photography services are worth every penny and more. The new photos gave new life to my listing and a new look to the cottage. She gave my husband and I some tips regarding renting the cottage. Setting up an appointment was easy and the photography session was seamless. Thank you!!

Yarmouth, MA
1 review
Member since: Jun 2003
Becky Fisher's photos make your property a stand out over other properties.

Becky's photography work is so exceptional that I never hesitate to INSIST that my referrals use her. I tell them that it is a waste of time for them to use anyone else...and forget doing it yourself. There are other ways to save money, and doing your own photos will only lose you money in the long run. About a month ago I suggested to my friend Scott, that he needed Becky's expertise. He's very type A and he is thrilled with her photos and other helpful suggestions .
Every person that I've referred to and Becky have been overjoyed with the photography results and the end results of fully rented.
Its nice to find a professional that never disappoints....and that's Becky!!!
I'm so grateful to BECKY and WeNeed..they rock!!

Nantucket town, MA
1 review
Member since: Mar 2002
New Large Format Photos are Terrrific

Becky from weneedavacation took new large format pictures for our 4 listings on the site. The improvement is really impressive. The properties show so much better-. It is hard to determine how much more business we will gain as a result this season, but I am certain that it will easily pay for itself . She has a good eye for angles and brings her own lighting- very reasonable pricing for professional photos.

Chatham, MA
1 review
Member since: May 2006
New pictures & video for rental season 2014

Becky came to our cottage after setting up a meeting to take pictures and video of our cottage for the 2014 rentals. She was very friendly and we felt at ease with her right away. She offered some suggestions that my husband and I would have overlooked. Unfortunately, the weather turned to a rather drab day so the pictures were put on hold until a sunny day. Becky made a few trips in order to capture just the right sunlight and the pictures came out lovely. We would strongly recommend Becky to anyone contemplating this photography & video. We are very pleased and look forward to our season 2014.

Mashpee, MA
1 review
Member since: Mar 2002
Shooting Our First Video at our home

Becky did a thoughtful job, we were not on the Cape at the time the video was shot, if we were, we would have wanted more shots of the interior (all 6 of the bedrooms, the master bathroom, the pool & ping pong tables, etc), and the outdoor deck, grill & tables. We were not there so that's our problem. Having never done a video of our home, we had not thought through what was important to potential guests, we specialize in large family get together s sleeping as many as 14 or so. It might be helpful to create a checklist of rooms, and dimmensions for all entryways into and out of the house and the rooms for guests with mobility issues, kids, etc. Whats important & why to help homeowners complete their first video. The price was very reasonable, and Becky was very accommodating. Although this review has suggestions, we would give Becky 5 stars!

Yarmouth, MA
1 review
Member since: May 2003

Becky's photography service was better than great, better than I possibly expected. The price I paid has been made up at least ten fold by extra rentals that I got, some of which were May, June, September rentals that are usually harder to come by. Just getting one extra weekend rental pays for the service and you are playing with "house money" from there! People are constantly commenting how good the house looks on the web site. I recommend her 1,001%. Spectacular work Becky!

Harwich, MA
1 review
Member since: Apr 2013
Photograpy of our Beach Studio on Nantucket Sound #22949

We could not be happier with the outstanding photographs taken by your professional photographer of our Beach Studio rental property in South Harwich. Becky Fischer arrived promptly with all lighting equipment and made a rainy, dreary day appear so bright and sunny in the photos. I admit I was a bit concerned when the weather was not cooperating with our appointment, but the photographs still turned out beautiful. Her suggestions to tidy up our beach studio and make it show as an adorable, polished, inviting property were helpful. I would use the service again and recommend it to other homeowners.

West Tisbury, MA
1 review
Member since: Jan 2001
Beautiful Photos, Wonderful Experience

Becky took photos of our house several years ago. She helped me stage it, gave me some great suggestions... and the photos were wonderful. Last year we did some redecorating so she came back to do a few more. Again, a great experience. I felt one of the shots was not as I wanted but Becky returned to retake the shot at no charge and with no whining about my pickiness. She is a joy to work with and the whole experience has been very positive.

Barnstable, MA
1 review
Member since: Jan 2012
Smart move for homeowners

One of the smartest things I did when getting my new house ready to rent was to contract with Becky to price the house for me. Becky is so pleasant and professional. She asked all the right questions, and did not hold back with expressing concerns where she saw them. She was very thorough, including wearing walking shoes to take the walk with me to the neighborhood association pond. She even carried a counter in order to measure the exact distance from the house to the pond, which proved to be helpful information for me.

Her report, received a couple of weeks later, was thorough, very professional, so well written that it was actually an enjoyable read (for those of us who appreciate those who are talented with the written word!). I was very impressed, and surprised by the quality of Becky's pricing services and written report, from beginning to end. She is a true professional who knows what she is doing, does not cut corners, and delivers to very nervous homeowners important info. they need to know and have.

Finally, a benefit I didn't even realize until people started inquiring about renting my house was that, I could honestly tell prospective tenants that I had had the house professionally priced. This allowed them, I'm sure, to feel confident that they were not being ripped off, that the price was correct for the house, and it assured me that I was getting the most for the house I could without wondering if I was overcharging, and not undercharging and getting less than I should. In other words, both parties win.

A completely worthwhile expenditure in both time and money. I cannot recommend Becky strongly enough.

Sandwich, MA
1 review
Member since: Nov 2000
Becky's photography

Becky Fischer came out to our beach house and took some wonderful photographs of both the interior and exterior of our home. She then assembled these photos into a beautiful slide show complete with wonderful back ground music. We are so extremely happy with the work that Becky did for us. We want to have Becky come back to our beach house again to make an updated video, but we just have to find the time between rentals to have her do this. She is a wonderful person to work with, and her work is top notch! Once potential renters see her photographs and video of our house, they are sold on reserving a week with us.

Falmouth, MA
1 review
Member since: Jan 2005
Becky Fischer increased my inquiries and rentals!

Becky Fischer photographed our Cape rental several years after we first started renting. While we have always had good results from Weneedavacation, I am convinced that our inquiries increased due directly to the high quality of her photos as well as the video tour that she developed of our property. Prior to using her pictures we, like many others, relied on our own amateur photos and they cannot compare to Becky's. One interesting thing is that the pictures were taken in Winter yet she was able to make the house look just as inviting and fun prodcing as though it were summertime. Her ideas on set up - and even some good ideas of attrtacting renters - made the photo session most rewarding.

Chilmark, MA
1 review
Member since: Feb 2007
Absolutely Professional

We took advantage of weneedavacation's recommendation to have our cottage in Chilmark photographed by their Becky Fischer and were totally satisfied with her service. She arrived on-time, set up her own lighting and made a number of suggestions which really brought out the charm of our Vineyard "shack." She was extremely pleasant to deal with and her fee was very fair considering the quality of her work. We do not hesitate to recommend Becky to our competitors!


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