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Booking Management Overview

Booking List
Booking Management example


Booking Management provides an easy and efficient way to file, manage and track all of your bookings each season. After entering your bookings, you can view at a glance which weeks are booked, by whom, and at what price. You can also track all of your booking documents. For example, you can note the date you sent out a lease, when it was returned, and when the next deposit is due. You can see a list of your bookings and any miscellaneous notes regarding tenants that you may have recorded, such as the make-up of their party, any special requirements, etc. And you can also choose to receive weekly Booking Management Update emails or Overdue Booking Item Alerts if a Booking Tracking Item is overdue.

Booking Management works together with your calendar, so that any bookings you enter or change will automatically be reflected on your calendar.


Booking Communications
Booking Tracking Details

This management feature allows you to:

  • view at a glance which weeks are booked, by whom, and at what price
  • automatically update your availability/pricing calendar concurrently
  • track booking documents and monies such as:
    • the lease sent out by you
    • the lease and initial deposit received from your tenants
    • additional payments received from your tenants
    • the security deposit received from your tenants
    • the welcome letter, house rules, check-out requirements and other communications to your guests
    • the security deposit returned by you to the tenants
  • automatically calculate the lodging tax due based upon rental rate and fees
  • note the due dates for each booking item so that you can quickly see if a payment for the rent balance or the security deposit, for example, is overdue
  • opt to receive email Alerts notifying you if any Booking Item is overdue (Active listings only)
  • opt to receive weekly Booking Management Update emails containing a summary of your bookings and of upcoming and overdue Booking Tracking Items (Active listings only)
  • prevent double booking
  • enter and track the source where each booking is coming from
  • make notes regarding your tenants, such as names/ages of kids, if they are bringing a pet, any unusual circumstances or requirements, etc.
  • Set default settings for your Tracking Items including:
    • The due date of any Tracking Item relative to the Date of Booking, Arrival or Departure Date
    • The standard amounts for any elements with monies due (e.g., security deposit, cleaning fee, etc.)
    • An override of the Miscellenous field labels to be specific to your needs