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Guest Review Policy and Guidelines

Guest Reviews are an effective means of building credibility, confidence, and trust in our listings and are invaluable to homeowners and future vacationers alike.

Providing a guest review meets our Guidelines, a copy is sent to the homeowner, who may submit a response if they choose, and the review will be posted, generally within 7 business days.

General Guidelines

  • Only vacationers who have actually stayed in the rental property may post a review.
  • Any member of a rental party may submit a review, but only one review may be submitted per party.
  • A review must be submitted by a guest who booked the rental directly through the owner or property manager listed on our website.
  • Reviews must be written in a constructive and informative manner.
  • Reviews may not be abusive, discriminatory, obscene, or libelous.
  • Reviews may not be used to threaten or coerce a homeowner to meet the vacationer's demands. They are meant to provide feedback about the vacationer's particular experience in a rental property in order to benefit future vacationers.
  • A homeowner may not review his/her own property, nor can their friends or family members.
  • Reviews may not reveal specific information such as pricing, the full name of the homeowner, or the street address of the property.
  • If declined, a review may not be resubmitted.
  • If requested, the author of a guest review must be able to verify his/her contact information and tenancy in the rental property reviewed.

WeNeedaVacation reserves the right to withdraw all or a portion of a review if it has been determined to be unwarranted, lacks sufficient merit, and/or references a financial or legal dispute. Conversely, WeNeedaVacation reserves the right to post a review if it is determined that the review is warranted and has sufficient merit.

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Have an issue with this rental?

In the event of a serious issue with a rental or an unresolved dispute with the homeowner, you may submit a Formal Complaint.

To file a formal complaint about one of our listings, please click here.

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