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Vacationers using our unique Power Search can choose to view the results of their targeted search as pinpoints on a map, as well as in a list. They can zoom in and out of any area (from the entire region to within a few blocks), viewing each listing relative to such landmarks as the beaches, the center of town, or other points of interest to them.

Map Search Overview

Special Features

Beach display

Vacationers can also opt to have the public beaches in the area displayed on the map.

Map Search with Beaches

Pop-up display

When viewing search results pinned on the map, vacationers can hover their cursor over each pin, prompting a pop-up to appear displaying some basic information about the listing.

Map Search with Popup Preview

Preview window

When the viewer actually clicks on a pin, an abbreviated version of the full listing appears to the right of the map as a “preview.” In addition to the basic information provided in the Pop-up, the Preview also includes:

Map Search with Preview Listing
  • Bed configuration
  • Bathrooms
  • Distance to & name of nearest beach
  • A link to send an email inquiry
  • A link to view the full listing
  • The listing’s pricing and availability calendar
  • A link to enable vacationers to save the listing to their “Favorites”
  • An Owner Special icon
  • A Last-minute Availability Alert

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What are the advantages?

For vacationers: This enhancement meets the demand from vacationers who are interested in identifying vacation rentals in a specific area or neighborhood. They may have friends or relatives staying in a certain place and wish to be nearby, for example. Or they may wish to rent within walking distance of a favorite beach.

For homeowners: If enabled by you, this feature increases your listing’s exposure to vacationers by providing another quick and easy way for them to find your property. It also answers one of vacationers’ most common questions: “Where is the home?” If you choose not to enable the zoom capability, the pin identifying your exact location will not appear as vacationers zoom in.

What do you need to do?

If you wish to enable the zoom feature on your listing, simply click the “Click to enable” link in your Homeowner Center. If you prefer that the zoom capability NOT be enabled, go to the top of your “Description, amenities & map options” page, and remove the check mark from the Map Options box.

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Q: Is it required that I enable the full zoom capability on my listing(s)?

A: No, it’s totally up to you. Remember, however, that the majority of your competition is or will be offering this capability on their listings. Your listing will still appear on the map initially, but, with the zoom feature disabled, it will not appear as vacationers zoom in to view the exact location of the homes.

Q: Why would someone prefer NOT to enable the zoom capability?

A: By enabling the zoom, your exact location will be disclosed to vacationers on the Google Map.

Q: If I enable the full zoom capability on my listing, will my exact street address be visible to vacationers?

A: No, they will be able to zoom in to see the precise location of your home, but your street address will not be displayed.

Q: If I choose NOT to enable the zoom, will I still have a GoogleMap on my listing?

A: Yes, but it will only indicate your approximate location.

Q: If I choose NOT to enable the zoom, will my listing still appear on the map in Power Search results?

A: Yes, initially all of the listings that meet a vacationer’s search criteria will be visible on a limited zoom, high-level map. (Those listings that are full zoom-enabled will have a blue pin, and those that are not zoom-enabled will have a green one.) But once the viewer zooms in closer, a listing’s pin without the zoom capability will disappear, leaving only those with full zoom capability enabled.

Q: What if the pin placement on my map is wrong?

A: Go to your “Description, amenities and map options” page and check the box that reads “If your property does not display accurately on your Property Listing, check this box to provide an alternate spelling of your street address and town.”

Q: Can I change my mind about whether to enable the map zoom option?

A: Yes. Just go to your “Description, amenities and map options” page, and either check or uncheck the box to enable or disable the zoom capability.

Q: What if the beach closest to my home is not on the map?

A: Only public beaches are indicated on the map. If the public beach near you doesn’t appear on the map, contact us to see if it can be added.

Q: What if the pin for the beach closest to my home does not include a picture?

A: You can upload a picture of the beach yourself by choosing the “Guide to [Cape Cod] [Martha’s Vineyard] [Nantucket]” option from the yellow banner at the top of our website pages, and clicking the “Cape Cod & Islands Beaches” link. From there you can select the beach nearest to you and click the “Write a review” link to provide some information about the beach and also upload a nice picture or two.

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