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Instructions for uploading pictures

Picture Guidelines:


1. What are the Photo Slideshow and Pop-up Slideshow?

Pictures are displayed on listings in 2 ways: a clickable Photo Slideshow format and a 2-column gallery format. The photo slideshow at the top of your listing enables vacationers to view your pictures at 435 pixels size by clicking through them one at a time. They can also click the pop-up icon or one of the pictures itself to view a pop-up slideshow of your pictures at nearly full-screen size, provided you have furnished us with larger version of your pictures (preferably 1400 pixels or larger).

2. What is the photo gallery?

Your pictures are also displayed in a 2-column gallery format, allowing vacationers to view your pictures without having to click through them one at a time in a slideshow. These pictures can also be clicked on to display the larger pop-up versions at nearly full-screen size, provided you have furnished us with larger version of your pictures (preferably 1400 pixels or larger).

3. Pictures sell

Pictures are truly worth a thousand words! Vacationers want to "see" what they might be renting, so consider showing as many pictures as you think you would want to see yourself. We have found that listings with multiple pictures receive many more inquiries than those with just a few. Vacationers like to see the exterior of the home, the living and dining areas, kitchen, all of the bedrooms, bathroom(s), the porch/deck/patio, the yard, any noteworthy views from the home, and a picture of the closest beach. Because pictures tell your story, we encourage you to add additional pictures beyond the ten that are included, especially if your home commands a high rent.

If you would like to improve the quality of your pictures, our staff photographer can take numerous interior, exterior, and beach photos as well as offer professional advice about marketing your property. More info.

4. What pictures to upload and how to sequence them

An exterior shot is usually the first picture on the listing. Be sure to take exterior pictures on a day when the house is in bright sunlight with minimal shadows. Stage your pictures by moving cars out of the way, opening the doors, setting the table (both inside and on a deck), etc. Other pictures can be views from your home, its setting, aerial photos, or even floor plans (as long as they are clear).

Every picture requires a caption because of their strong marketing value. We usually suggest ordering the pictures as if the vacationer were taking a tour of the home, i.e., front shot, fabulous view if you have one (or any other exceptional feature), living room, family room, dining room, kitchen, master bedroom, additional bedrooms, porch/deck/patio, back yard, and nearest beach.

5. How-To Video – Taking Better Pictures of Your Vacation Rental Home

6. Upload new or replacement pictures:

  • Click the "Picture Central" link in your Homeowner Center.
  • Click "Upload."
  • You can upload your pictures either by clicking inside the upload box or by selecting your photos separately from our site and then dragging and dropping them into this box. To upload them directly:
    • Click the box
    • Navigate within your computer to where your photos are stored
    • Select one or more photos
    • Click the “Open” button in the lower right corner.
  • Once your photos have been uploaded, a Continue button will appear, directing you back to Picture Central.
  • Each uploaded picture will appear in the "Pending Photos" column.

Note: When adding new or replacement pictures, please be sure to add or edit their captions after uploading. For instructions, see the next section.

7.To add or edit your picture captions:

  • Click the "Picture Central" link in your Homeowner Center.
  • Click inside the “Enter Caption” field and enter your caption.
  • There may be up to a 5-minute delay in viewing your new captions on your listing.

8.To reorder your pictures

  • Click the "Picture Central" link in your Homeowner Center.
  • Click “Reorder”
  • Drag and drop your photos in the desired order.

Note: There may be up to a 5-minute delay before your photo changes are reflected on your listing.

9. Picture do's and don'ts

  • DO upload pictures in .jpg format only.
  • DO make sure that pictures are a minimum of 435 pixels on the longest side. Ideally, they should be 1400 pixels to gain the full benefit of your pop-up slideshow on your listings
  • DO enter/edit captions immediately after uploading all of your new or replacement pictures.
  • DON'T upload pictures with people in them.
  • DON'T include collage-type pictures.
  • DON'T include pictures with cars near the house.
  • DON'T include pictures with embedded captions, advertising print, or watermarks.
  • DON'T take pictures with visible personal effects or clutter.

10. Add additional pictures beyond those included in your subscription:

There is a $10 charge for each additional picture beyond the 10 that come with each listing (or 14 with new listings). Payment must be completed before we will post your new pictures.

  • Order additional pictures by clicking “Increase # of photos.”
  • Enter the number of pictures you would like to add to your listing.
  • Click “Order Pictures.”
  • Follow the regular steps to submit an online credit card payment.

Once you have submitted your payment, your Picture Central page will reflect the increased picture count.

11. How to delete a Pending Photo:

You can delete Pending Photos by clicking on the delete icon below the Pending Picture.

To delete Posted Photos without replacing them, email us and include your Property ID and the photo number(s) of the photo(s) to delete, or call 888-281-8660, and we’ll delete them for you. Keep in mind, however, that they can remain in your surplus photos section rather than being deleted.