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The Property Description provides you the opportunity to really market your property in free-flowing text. Your goal should be to create an ad that presents your home and its setting as inviting, welcoming, and relaxing. A well-written, carefully thought-out and informative description gives a positive impression of both the home and of you, the owner, and encourages the vacationer to book your home.

We urge you to include information on all three of these topics:

  1. The interior of the house itself including a general description and layout of the rooms and bed configurations as well as any special, individual amenities (which should be highlighted within full sentences rather than simply listed).
  2. The immediate setting including your porch/deck/patio, then yard, then the immediate neighborhood – and, of course, any nice views or water/beach access if applicable.
  3. The general location including your proximity to beaches and other area attractions such as restaurants, shopping, ferries, golf, bike trails, playgrounds, etc. Keep in mind that the Internet brings vacationers from all parts of the world; thus many vacationers may not be very knowledgeable of the Cape or Islands, what’s more your exact location.


  1. Use complete sentences rather than short phrases or abbreviations and lists. We allow plenty of room – take full advantage of it.
  2. Describe your home and its environment accurately. Do not exaggerate its strong points or try to hide its flaws.
  3. Lead with your property’s greatest assets. Both in your Title and the first few lines of your Description, be sure that you have mentioned your home’s most attractive features as these are what appear to vacationers on their initial Search Results page.
  4. Double check for any typos or grammar or punctuation mistakes which can be off-putting to prospective guests.
  5. Provide paragraph breaks so that your text is more inviting to read and doesn’t appear as dense and long.


  1. ALL CAPITAL LETTERS and excessive exclamation points are not allowed.
  2. Avoid filling your web page with pricing policies and restrictions; your goal in this section is to encourage inquiries about your home. Information about your pricing is covered elsewhere on your listing, and legal or other technical issues should be stipulated in your lease, not your listing.
  3. There is no need to repeat information (amenities, price, availability) that is listed elsewhere on your web page; but do include extra amenities that we either do not ask about or which you would like to highlight, e.g., air conditioners, TV's/Cable/HD/DVD player, Internet, state-of-the-art appliances, designer furnishings, a fancy sound system, a hot tub/Jacuzzi, linens included, outside shower, etc.