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Becky Fischer | 12/16/2015

In 1997, Jeff and Joan Talmadge decided to start their own business. Back then, the internet was a baby as well as the idea of vacation rental homes. So much has changed in the world! Our team sat down and compiled a list of the 18 things we've learned about vacation rentals, and the Cape and Islands.

18. Lauren - A vacation rental is your home away from home.

17. Elizabeth - How the “magic” of the Vineyard, which I always thought was so special just to me and my family, is equally treasured by SO many.

16. Joan - That vacationers love taking an outdoor shower.

Property 20740 in Dennis

15. Joe - I've learned that there's no group of individuals more concerned with the satisfaction of vacationers and homeowners than the crew at WeNeedaVacation!

14. Taryn - How important it is for vacationers with large groups to book early, to get the larger homes.

13. David - If you visit the Cape in the fall you need to watch cranberries being harvested. Don’t blink…they do it in a day!

12. Becky - Traffic tip - In the summertime, drive out of your way to only take right turns.

11. Tyler - How diverse the Cape really is. Each town / village has its own personality. However, the mindset of "kick back and relax" stays the same across all towns.

10. Lauren - A vacation rental house offers more space and saves money on eating out.

Property 16582 in Dennis

9. Elizabeth - How important it is to both vacationers and homeowners to make a personal connection with each other.

8. Jeff - Growing up in Massachusetts, I took the Cape & Islands for granted, but have learned that the world recognizes them as world-class vacation destinations.

7. Jim - Every day is a Beach Day on the Cape! All year long...

6. Taryn - I have learned to enjoy vacationers on the Cape during the summer, it makes me happy to see them having fun with their friends and family. Reminds me what a special place this is and how lucky I feel to live here.

5. Lauren - Vacationers want to see as many rental house pictures as possible of the inside, outside, and the surrounding area. And really high quality pictures, too!

4. Tyler - There is more than just great seafood here! Don’t get me wrong, I love a good clam plate or a lobster roll, but I have also honestly had some of the best tacos, steak, you name it, it's all good on the Cape! Oh, and all the ice cream!

3. Joan - Vacationers love to disconnect and just relax while enjoying the natural beauty. The incredible value of the undisturbed National Seashore. Lighthouses make people happy.

2. Jeff - The highlight of our years in this business has been getting to know our homeowners, gaining their feedback, and together working to improve our site and the vacation rental experience.

AND the Number 1 thing we have learned after 18 years in the vacation rental industry on the Cape and Islands is:

1. The best way people universally describe Cape Cod is “my happy place”

Thank you for 18 great years - we love promoting the Cape and Islands!