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11 Years of Cape Cod Weddings

Becky Fischer | 4/27/2018

Cape Cod has long provided couples with the perfect setting for their wedding. Locals and visitors alike choose it for sentimental reasons, its natural beauty, and the joy of saying "I do" in their Happy Place.

We contacted Cape Cod Celebrations, who has been helping couples plan their special day for 11 years. The owner, Jamie Bohlin, shared her perspective on what makes Cape Cod such a fabulous setting for a wedding.

(Katie Noble Photography)

How long have you been working with brides?

I started as a catering manager at Chatham Bars Inn in May 2006 and started my business in September 2007.

What is your role in wedding planning?

I am the owner and event planner at Cape Cod Celebrations where we plan personalized weddings all over Cape Cod.

What was the most unique wedding request you’ve encountered?

We planned a carnival themed wedding back in 2016 and the bride wanted a Zoltar fortune telling machine - like from the movie "Big". We found one in Connecticut and had it brought up for the wedding! It was really cool because it printed out custom fortunes that the bride and groom selected.

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Why do you think Cape Cod is such an ideal place to get married?

Cape Cod is a magical place! Most all of our clients do not live on the Cape but have summered here, their grandparents have a house here, etc. They have been coming here since they were a kid and have experienced the magic for years - the beaches, the little villages, the people - and want to share it with all of their friends and family.

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How many weddings do you plan each year?

Our team plans anywhere from 40-50 weddings from May through October each year, with some falling before or after the season.

What is the most rewarding experience you’ve had while planning a wedding?

There are so many, but one sticks out for me. We helped plan a wedding in 2013 where the bride had donated her kidney to her fiancé before the wedding. The ceremony was a tear jerker! But honestly, every wedding is rewarding for us. The amount of time we put into our work and the relationships we build with our clients make every wedding really special to our team.

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What is your favorite part about the planning process?

I love going to the rental showrooms with clients and picking out the tables, chairs, china, and linens. Better yet, I also love watching it all come together the day of the wedding and seeing the faces of our clients when they see their vision for the first time!

What is the most challenging part of the planning process?

I would say finding the venue and setting the date can be the most challenging part of the process for couples. But once that is checked off your list, it tends to be smoother sailing from there! Managing the budget throughout the process can also become challenging as well, so we do try to set realistic budget expectations for our clients.