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Exploring the Outer Cape: Wellfleet and Provincetown

Josie Cataldo | 7/11/2022

Hello everyone and welcome to Josie’s Journeys, a new series coming to our social channels and blog that will follow me, Josie, on days in my life as a digital marketing specialist for WeNeedaVacation. Being that my home base is Wellfleet, I thought it best that for my first journey I would take you through an area I’m extremely familiar with: the Outer Cape. For those of you who don’t know, the Outer Cape consists of Eastham, Wellfleet, Truro, and Provincetown. But for today, we’re just going to focus on Wellfleet and Provincetown. Without further ado, I present to you episode 1 of Josie’s Journeys.

As I do most days, I woke up in Wellfleet to the morning sunlight seeping through my window, forcing my eyes open with its taunting glow of warmth. Mornings are my favorite part of the day, especially during the summer, because I get to enjoy the serenity of downtown before the flood of people parade through. I start each morning with a run through Wellfleet’s town center, and today is not going to be any different. The early air about this small town is an intoxicating cocktail of salt water, freshly cut grass, and Beanstock coffee being brewed by the few restaurants open for breakfast.

My running route through Wellfleet has been the same for the last ten years, mainly because the sites I saunter past are ones I will never tire of looking at. Below I’ve listed off just a few of the “landmarks” I jog past in the morning; next time you’re in town, be sure to check them out!

Uncle Tim's Bridge

Aside from being a beautiful spot for photos and one of Wellfleet’s most popular tourist attractions, this bridge leads you across to Cannon Hill, a short but beautiful trail with a high point view of the old railroad bridge.

Mac's Shack

Mac's Shack is an incredible sushi and seafood restaurant with an amazing ambiance that’ll have you wanting to stay there all night. Sit on the shells beneath the outdoor canopy with a refreshing cocktail in hand. Whether you choose to enjoy scallops caught fresh from the sea or opt for a classic California Roll, Mac's Shack is a must when it comes to restaurants in Wellfleet.

The Pearl

Their motto? Fresh music and live seafood. If those words right there don’t already have you ready to flock to this waterfront restaurant like a ravenous seagull, maybe its panoramic water views and mouth-watering nachos will.

Frying Pan Gallery

Whether you’re artistically inclined or not, you definitely have to stop in at one of Wellfleet’s many galleries while in town. Just to name one, Frying Pan Gallery is filled with innovative, one-of-a-kind creations like golden Horseshoe Crabs and steel fish sculptures that are the perfect way to commemorate your Cape Cod vacation.

Mac's on the Pier

Famous for their fried fish burrito and byob laid back beach vibe, Mac's on the Pier is a staple when it comes to summers in Wellfleet. Whether you’re walking up straight from a swim at Mayo Beach or bringing a bottle of wine for dinner at sunset, this spot is perfect for anyone looking to enjoy authentic Cape cuisine amidst the salty air.

Mayo Beach

A rare gem on the Cape and Islands, Mayo Beach does not require a beach sticker for you to enjoy its soft sand and warm bay water. Spend the afternoon in the sun before walking to one of the many restaurants just steps from the beach.

Bookstore Restaurant

This waterfront restaurant offers beautiful views, an expansive outdoor deck where you can enjoy your meal, and the best mussels and spinach & artichoke dip you’ll ever taste. Sit outside on the patio at golden hour to soak up the sunshine and sip on an amazing homemade; the Bee’s Knees is my personal favorite!

Curiouser and Curiouser

Filled floor-to-ceiling with Cape themed trinkets, treasures, and apparel, Curiouser and Curiouser is the perfect place to pick up a souvenir for a friend back home. Their “Oysters & Wine” and "Oysters and Beer" sweatshirts are definitely a favorite!

Sickday Surf Shop

A small surf shop located in Wellfleet’s town center, Sickday offers surfboards, souvenirs, beach apparel, and just about everything a beach bum could ask for.

Newcomb Hollow Shop

Bracelets made out of beach glass, chocolate truffles from the Fudge Factory in Provincetown, beautiful hand-made pieces of pottery, the Newcomb Hollow Shop has it all! This boutique downtown offers beautiful beach-y gifts that will allow you to hold your Cape Cod vacation close to your heart forever.

After my morning run, it was time to head up to Provincetown for the bulk of my journey, but first, I had to stop at Salty Market to fuel up for the packed day ahead. If you’re a caffeine lover like myself, Salty market in Truro has the best Nitro Cold Brew out there. The second that first sip touches your lips, you’re ready to hit the ground running.

The first stop on my tour of Provincetown was the dunes. If you ever find yourself on Cape Cod, no matter what town you’re staying in, you should make it a priority to visit these surreal sandy structures. Said best by Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music, “the hills are alive,” only in this case, it’s not music they’re alive with. When you’re among the Provincetown Dunes, listen to the sweet sound of chirping birds, the soft lull of waves rocking gently in the distance, and the soft whisper of the dune grass as it sways gently in the summer breeze. There are so many different winding pathways to wander your way down, but my personal favorite leads to the water, which I happily dove into after the mile trek it took to get there. If you decide to visit the dunes while on Cape Cod, be sure to bring lots of sunscreen, snacks, and water. Walking up rolling hills of sand can be quite exhausting!

I left the dunes with sun-kissed shoulders, a rumbling stomach, and feet that were ready trade in the tiring terrain of the sand for the pavement of Provincetown. Parking in Provincetown can be a bit of a hassle, but today I decided it best to find a spot further away from Commercial Street that would allow me to pass by all my usual destinations. Provincetown is not a place to be explored in one single afternoon. I've probably been to this vibrant town over 200 times in my life, and every time, I find another shop to saunter into, another impeccable restaurant to eat at, and encounter another excursion that reminds me why I'm so proud to call the Outer Cape home. This being said, here are just a few of the places I pop into when in Provincetown.

The Canteen

Home of the best brussel sprouts and Frosé you'll ever taste, this waterfront restaurant is the perfect place to sit back, relax, and enjoy creative cuisine with your toes in the sand before walking down to the water for a quiet, meditative moment.

The Penney Patch

Embrace your inner child and indulge your sweet-tooth with a trip to The Penney Patch! Rows of candy bursting with color, it's impossible to walk out of this place without an infectious smile spread across your face. Whether you're in the mood for a candy necklace with some crunch or melt-in-your-mouth creamy Oreo cookie fudge, The Penney Patch has something for everyone!

Harbor Lounge

Panoramic views of the water, refreshing summer cocktails, and a dock that brings you inches away from the shimmering sea, Harbor Lounge is the perfect place for date night drinks before dinner.

Marine Specialties

The second you step into the building of peeled paint that’s delicately draped with withered rope and battered buoys, you’re transported into a world filled with magnificent misfit items of all shapes and sizes. Whether it be marine gear, slightly irregular pieces of clothing, intricately painted shells, a treasure chest full of funky hats, coasters with cheeky sayings, etc., Marine Specialties accurately embodies this crazy place that we call Cape Cod.

Whalers Wharf

Tucked away into Whalers Wharf is the most quaint and cozy movie theatre you'll ever find, art galleries filled to the brim with beautifully unique paintings and structures, sweet shops with homemade ice cream and glazed almonds, and jewelry stores with sterling silver pieces so bright your eyes will be drawn in immediately. Explore all the shops lining the structure before walking out the door to the beach.

The Lobster Pot

An iconic Cape Cod classic, The Lobster Pot restaurant offers the finest, freshest seafood, impeccable service, and great views to compliment the rightfully praised cuisine. If you're going to grab a lobster roll or shrimp salad anywhere on Cape Cod, this is the place to do so!