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Taking a Moment to "Unplug"

Jennie Sparrow | 8/22/2017

Oh summer on Cape Cod! Yes, it’s incredibly fun and beautiful—but things can get a little crazy around here. The traffic, the lines at the beach and restaurants, the rushing from event to event, the trying to pack in as many get-togethers as possible. . . all that, combined with the intensity of the world news—it’s enough to make your head spin!

We hope that everyone has had a lovely and full summer, but we also hope that everyone has had the opportunity to take a moment to “unplug,” breathe and enjoy the moment! If you haven’t had that chance yet, please let this be your little reminder to do something for yourself before the summer ends. Suggestions: catching a sunset,

going for a bike ride,

taking a walk,

or just closing your eyes and listening to what is going on around you.

We live in a sometimes crazy and busy world. Take a moment for yourself. You deserve it, we all do.