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Cape Cod Travel Apps You'll Love

Tyler Pyburn | 8/12/2015

While we love people tossing their phone aside to enjoy everything the Cape and Islands have to offer, there are ways that your phone can actually help you while on vacation! From common directions to scheduling your next slathering of sunblock, here are 8 apps that you will love on your next Cape or Islands vacation.


Waze Travel App

Most people already have an app on their phone to help with directions, but Waze allows you to “Outsmart traffic with the largest community of drivers.” Get real-time road alerts and find cheap gas prices as you go along. Just make sure the person in the passenger seat is following along.


Solar Travel App

The weather can certainly dictate where you want to go during your Cape or Islands vacation as it can vary quite a bit from town to town. While there are plenty of weather apps out there, we’ve found that Solar has a very clean design that is incredibly easy to navigate.


Sunscreen Travel App

Although the Cape and Islands are known for its seafood, it is better to taste a lobster than to look like one. Having detected the UVI rating of your current location, this nifty little app sets a countdown timer to alert you when you’re due for another coat of sunblock.


Onavo Travel App

Rather than racking up the ridiculous data charges while trying to work from the beach try using this app to reduce the amount of data to perform everyday tasks.

Find my iPhone

Find My Phone Travel App

We’ve all misplaced our phone at one point time but there is really nothing worse than doing it while away from home. With the find my iPhone App, you can log into your account via any other ios device and it will pin point the location for you. That is unless it is in the back pocket of the shorts you just put in the wash.

Map My Run

Map My Run travel app

If you aren’t out on the Cape Cod rail trail, try using MapMyRun. You can take a look at routes used by other people, or search for routes based on a set criteria like distance, surface or type of run.


trip list travel app

We’ve heard of plenty of stories of vacationers leaving something behind in their vacation rental, especially clothes! With Triplist, you can be sure to keep track of everything you brought on vacation. It will also allow you to create lists of what to bring based on the types of activities you’ll be doing.

Chimani Cape Cod National Seashore

national sea shore app

The national seashore might be one of the most beautiful pieces of the Cape and the Islands. Filled with an incredible amount of natural beauty, this app will help you find your way around the area, highlight points of interest, and let you know where the beach access points are. Very easy to navigate, this app will have you exploring the national seashore right away.