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Additional Guest Fees


January 2023 - Vacationers expect to see all fees clearly defined on listings. In order to ensure transparency and consistency across all listings, we have added a new configuration section for you to indicate any additional fees.

This configuration section is available to all owners and is intended to replace the single, descriptive field for "Other Pricing Info."

The benefits of this update are:

  • A clearer definition of your additional fees
  • More consistent display of the most common fees across all listings
  • Ability for Booking Management users to accurately calculate and report payments and taxes

Calendar and Pricing Navigation

You may find the new Addtional Fees section using the navigational menu options or panel on mobile devices.

Calendar & Pricing navigation
Calendar & Pricing navigation (desktop)
Calendar & Pricing navigation (mobile)
Calendar & Pricing navigation (mobile)

Additional Fees configuration

The additional fee types that are commonly used on property listings include the following types

  • Cleaning fees
  • Linen fees
  • Pet fees
  • Security deposit
  • Damage waiver deposit
  • Administrative fees (for use by a realtor or property manager)

The description field is available if additional clarification is necessary for when a fee applies or any limitations (e.g. "dogs only" for a $50 pet fee).

Note: If the fee does not apply to your listing, it is not required to enter $0 or 'none' in the descrption.

Additional Fees

Miscellaneous Fees

Prior to the new additional fees configuration section, the only available option for entering your additional fees was in this Other Fees Description field.

This field will continue to exist for capturing any additional pricing information that does not fall into one of the commonly defined fees above.

Miscellaenous Fees
Other Fee description