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Vacation Season Expands as Spring and Fall Bookings Increase

Contact: Elizabeth Weedon
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May 21, 2015 - Cape and Islands vacation rental homeowners are reporting solid booking numbers so far for the 2015 season. But most notably, the “shoulder seasons” (late spring and early fall) are seeing significant increases in vacationer bookings versus last year.

Undoubtedly, the growing popularity of both spring and fall vacations indicates that vacationers are becoming increasingly aware of the many benefits of vacationing then: with prices lower and more properties to choose from, they can get more for less, crowds are diminished, and temperatures are still comfortable enough to enjoy all the activities available to them in the summer. In addition, due to reduced tenant demand versus the summer season, homeowners usually relax their minimum stay requirements in the shoulder seasons, allowing couples and pre-school age families to get away then for even just a couple of days.

For the full spring/summer/fall season and for the entire Cape and Islands region, bookings to date are 6.4% higher than this time last year: the Cape up 5%, Martha’s Vineyard up 7.4%, and Nantucket up 8.9%. Much of this strength, however, is due to the inclusion of shoulder season bookings, which are up as much as 14.6% for the spring and 11.6% for the fall. Bookings for the high summer season alone are not experiencing the double-digit increases of the shoulder seasons, but are nevertheless remaining positive overall at 1.5% higher than this time last year.

Pricing: A review of weekly rental pricing set by homeowners reveals their continued confidence in being able to fill their vacancies. Prices on the Cape are up nearly 2% over last year and those on the Islands are up over 4%. Although these increases are fairly normal for the outset of the booking season, this is the first time that we have seen price inflation as the season progresses. Whereas usually homeowners are forced to drop their rates somewhat in order to fill remaining vacancies, weekly rates have actually increased slightly (0.3%) since the early booking season. Not surprisingly, this growth occurred prior to the end of March, and has started to drop a bit in April and May, and undoubtedly, pricing will continue to soften to fill last-minute vacancies. But the expected price erosion started later this year and is less pronounced so far than in the past.

Specifically, the rates of smaller homes (one bedroom) and larger homes (5+ bedrooms) have increased somewhat more than mid-sized homes.

The substantial growth in spring and fall bookings, a trend that has continued for several years now, indicates a significant expansion of the vacation season on the Cape and Islands. Where, traditionally, the season got underway with a bang on the Fourth of July weekend and closed abruptly on Labor Day, vacationers now enjoy spending time here as early as May and well into October. And homeowners and businesses are responding to that demand, in turn, and enjoying the resulting benefits.

Regardless of the time of the season, though, over 20 listings a week are being activated on our website, and there are plenty of available homes to suit every preference for the spring, summer or fall.


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