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Vacationer Testimonials

 "I think this site is fantastic - all the relevant criteria, photographs, descriptive leads to location, all in a well-designed search format. It is extremely useful to be able to search among only those properties that are available for a specific time."
-- Margaret Graham

"Your website destroys the competition. The ease of use, searches by specific amenities (A/C is critical to us!) and favorites, sharing with others, etc… are all excellent! The format of the listings and detailed descriptions are also much better than others out there. Your site makes it easy to find what you need."
--David Wilson

"I used another rental site and got very limited responses from the owners. Most I didn’t hear from at all. I started using your site a few weeks ago. Every one of the owners I contacted responded by the next day, if not sooner. We’ll definitely use your site next summer!"
--Marc Geary

"MyVacations is extremely helpful because we vacation with another family, so they can view and read our comments on the rentals we chose."
-- Elizabeth Butler

"We vacation with a family from another state, so the MyVacations "share" feature worked super for coordination and narrowing options."
-- Maria Marchetti

"Thank you for your help with my vacation planning. Your site was very easy to use and it provided all the information I needed. The availability dates were very helpful (especially since I am so late in planning this!). What I really liked was being able to narrow down my search to my criteria rather than wading through property after property that was nowhere near what I wanted. By the way, I was successful in getting the house I wanted!"

-- Jennifer Matthews

"I love the ability to save the rentals I'm interested in as "Favorites" in MyVacations."
-- Mark Jarvis

"Your website and search function are fantastic. I was able to find just what I was looking for and got prompt and helpful responses from owners I contacted. Congratulations on a great site."
-- Judith Napolitano

"What I like about your service is the calendar so I don't waste time looking at hundreds of properties that aren't available when I am."
-- Joan Adams

"We love the large pictures on your site. We also loved that you had the prices right on the calendar. Some others do not and it's very important when you're renting to know upfront what you're about to pay for before you get too excited about it!"
-- Christine Shaw

"Your website is fabulous. The lengthy descriptions of the accommodations, the ability to search by various parameters and the photographs really help in making selections. I also like being able to view the calendar for availability. Based on the info on your site, I have booked a week at a great spot and it was a pleasure."
-- Liz Markiewicz

"Your site was definitely the easiest to use. I particularly liked the sort by most expensive or least expensive. The site directly points you to exactly what you are looking for in a minimal amount of time."
-- Betsy Tyrrell

"Thanks for your great service. I've been looking at so many websites but definitely like yours the best."
-- Barb Drayer

"What I liked best was the ease of using the web. Just plug in SEARCH criteria and get the information. Especially helpful is the date-desired function. Since we can only vacation during a certain week, this saved me lots of time. It's much easier to use than other sites."
-- Michelle Doyle

"I like having the option to re-adjust criteria without having to start the search all over again."
-- Karen Baker

"It was nice to be able to save properties to a list instead of trying to remember them, or create my own written list."
-- Sid Friedman

"The ability to save my searches and go back to look at them later is extremely helpful."
-- Michael Hallor