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Cape Cod Inflatable Park

8 reviews

518 Rt. 28 West Yarmouth, MA 02673

(508) 771-6060


Categories: Children

About Cape Cod Inflatable Park...•Welcome to the Cape Cod Inflatable Park, located in the heart of Cape Cod, West Yarmouth, Massachusets at the Cape Cod Family Resort. "Stay and Play" This one of a kind park features both wet and dry rides. Non-riders and parents are always FREE! Families will enjoy outdoor dining for lunch and dinner at the Shark Bites Café or visit our new Coffee Bar. After riding, visit the state of the art Arcade, boosting over 50 games. 2014 Summer Season pass: $50.00, all day pass: $27.00, after 6 PM: $15.00, and the toddlers, all day pass $15.00. See website for Fall & Spring Pricing!

Reviews (8 reviews total)

South Dartmouth, MA
1 review
Member since: Aug 2013

The Family loved it

Finally found a place that isn't all about the money and targeted 'Fun for the kids', what's nice about this place is that you don't have to pay to get in, a lot of people would like to just take their family some place for the kids to have fun and they don't want to do anything but relax, for other people to comment that they walked around in socks and their socks got wet, come on your at a water park did you not think you wouldn't get wet!!! go to the movies or take your kid to a miniature golf place if you don't want to get was fun and about 20 of us are going there this weekend for a blast...

South Yarmouth, MA
1 review
Member since: Jul 2013

Kids love it-- adults not so much...

At $20, this is probably the MOST expensive activity on the Cape! My 9 year old had a blast, we brought our own drinks (didn't ask if this was ok), and I felt the prices for food/drinks/ice cream were no higher than anywhere else on Cape. Very very very hot--I paid extra $20 thinking I would find a pool or somewhere to swim/lounge--no luck. Only a very few umbrellas, and some shady spots near the buildings. The only water access was a FREEZING COLD foot wash/shower head. The water rides were ok--fast lines--BUT my son lost his park bracelet and the young workers couldn't speak enough English to understand/help us. Also--water is untreated and the smell of urine was strong at one point--and the smell of HOT vinyl too. The "dry" rides were largely unsupervised--one young man for 6+ rides including those that needed close supervision like the Velcro wall, climbing wall, bucking bull--so my son couldn't use them! They need water mist and a pool for adults!!! Good overall though.

Whitman, MA
2 reviews
Member since: Mar 2008

Came here with 5 teenagers and they loved it

On the day we came it was very hot. On a hot day there is no way any human would go into the non-water side of the park, so keep this in mind. The dry side also requires socks which gets tricky if going from dry side to wet side. I thought we would get maybe an hour of entertainment out of this visit, but suprisingly we ended up there for about 3 hours with lunch at the park in between. The nicest part of being there for me as a parent was sitting at the unbrella table reading a book with my cocktails. Yes, they sell drinks and beer!

Salem, MA
1 review
Member since: Jun 2013


I took my daughter there yesterday morning as something nice to do for the begining of fathers day weekend. We were so disappointed for starters walking around in your socks where everything is soaking wet, then riding on only the dry slides that were soaked so now you are wet and not in a bathing suit, foreign students trying to instruct you and they barely speak English, half the games were broke and cost .69 or .79 or .89 cents????? We lasted barely an hour and spent $52 never again. Save yourself the trouble unless your from some hillbilly rural Southerntown....then you might love it.

Orleans, MA
1 review
Member since: Sep 2012


My husband and I took our two sons for a fun day out before school starts back. My oldest had a blast! At first we were a bit let down when we walked out and saw just a few very small slides but quickly realized that we were in the toddler section. just around the corner we found an impressive display of water slides. A few of them were so large it was surprising. We did encounter one here or there that was closed for a 15 minute break or for cleaning but there were so many others that it didn't make a difference. There was a nice section for the parents who wanted to lay out while the kids played. The one thing I would have liked to see is a place for babies to splash around with parents. The toddler section was for 2-6 year olds so our baby ended up spending the time in the stroller. Not an easy task considering the entire place was sand! That ended up being the reason we didn't stay longer. We could have gone inside to the arcade room but chose not to. Still though I would go again and I would recommend anyone with active kids to go for the afternoon. It could get expensive if you have lots of kids going at $18 per rider but well worth it for us.

Raynham, MA
1 review
Member since: Aug 2012

waste of money

Very expensive. Limited seating/shade. No drinks or food allowed from outside of park. Food and drinks expensive. Water slides are hose down by attendants spraying them with a hose. A few kids got hurt due to pool at the end of slides being so shallow.

Raynham, MA
1 review
Member since: Jul 2012

Our Family had a GREAT TIME :)

Hello Vacationers, First and foremost I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion but the 1 and only review by a woman named Mollee is OUT OF HER MIND!!! We came down to the Cape to vacation from Raynham, MA and my wife is from the Cape so it was nice to get around with short cuts driving! We arrived @ the Inflatable Water Park about 1100am on Wednesday the 7/25/12 and were greeted by very nice employees who had us fill out a waiver for the park which I find is standard. We paid $15 for our son to go on the rides which he was about 42" and was able to go on ALL the rides in the park. The weather was beautiful and sunny with temps in the low 80's and a nice cape breeze. The park had outdoor shower set ups, plenty of seating if you wanted too, an Ice cream bar, plenty of food options, Alcoholic beverages for the ADULTS if you wanted One and some umbrella seating. They had an area all set up for the kids age 2 - 6 and then the other side was for kids that would be 42" or taller. There was plenty of FUN and the kids to adults that I saw were having all kinds of FUN including our family! There was only 1 inflatable that was down for the day, NO big deal because there was plenty of others to go on. My son had a blast and we got even more tan with how the park was set up :) Ohhh as for the sun.... Yea ummm hey Mollee it was out past 4pm and everyone there was ummm ohhh still laying out catching rays!! As a firefighter I saw that they had really good safety standards and plenty of staff at all the rides whom interacted with all the kids and adults which made the day that much better for all.
I would definitely recommend this park to all my friends and fellow brethren in the fire service. So if you're looking for a COOL place to go with the kids, go here because there's plenty of fun for all with food & drinks :)
I would only recommend to the Park is to spread a few more umbrella seating spots out but overall who has time to sit!!
Thank You for a GREAT experience :)

Berlin, MA
1 review
Member since: Jul 2012

Better than nothing on a slow day at the cape

Admission is $15, but only for kids under 42" tall. $18 for taller kids. Optional combo ticket to go to sister inflatable park in Dennis. That's $25 pp for the two parks. Parents who don't ride are free but be prepared to be bored silly. There are about 10 umbrellas that shade about 15 guests. Otherwise no outdoor shade. It's hot, hot, hot even with a breeze. there are rinse off showers which help, but only if the non-rider has a bathing suit on. No music. No nothing. Just a bunch of bored parents. On our visit 4 out of 19 inflatables were not up. A few hours into the experience others were shut down on a rotation for cleaning. The catch pools at the bottom of rides get pretty dirty since they aren't treated with any chemicals. Therefore the cleaning is necessary but takes awhile. After 2pm the sun dipped behind the building offering a little more shade. Still a tough day for non riders and tiny babies who are just hanging out. Probably much better on an overcast day. Would be tons better with a little island music! If we were in the islands a piña colada would certainly help as well.

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