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15 reasons we love spring on Cape Cod and the Islands

Spring on the Cape and Islands is magical. Come visit, and we think you will agree. Here are 15 Reasons why we love spring on Cape Cod, Nantucket & Martha’s Vineyard.

Stony Brook Grist Mill, Brewster MA
Stony Brook Grist Mill, Brewster MA
  1. Peace and Quiet . Fewer visitors in the spring means less traffic, more space on the beach, and no lines to wait in. The quiet pace allows for a truly peaceful and restful vacation.
  2. Tweet, Tweet. Although we have many birds that stick around for the winter, the skies come alive in the spring as migrating birds head north for the summer. With fewer people around and less vegetation, it’s a perfect time here for birding enthusiasts! Birdwatching for Beginners
  3. Cape Cod golf
  4. Hole in One. Golfing on the Cape and Islands is fantastic in the spring. The weather is mild, greens fees are reduced, and plenty of tee times are available.
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  5. Springtime Savings. Save on rental rates. Vacation rental rates in the spring are a fraction of the cost of summer rental rates. For example, a 3 bedroom beachfront home in Chatham rents for $1500 a week during the spring. In summer, the rate jumps to $3000. Additionally, vacation rentals are more likely to be available on a nightly or weekend basis as opposed to the 7 night minimum stay that most homes require in the summer.
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  6. The Herring Run. Watching the herring as they travel up rivers to return to their place of birth and spawn is a miracle of nature, and one of the best viewing spots is the Stony Brook River located in Brewster.
    Learn more about the Herring Run in Brewster
  7. Bon Appetite. The arrival of spring means many of our local restaurants that close for the winter are opening up. Additionally, many restaurants offer spring specials! Browse where to dine on Cape Cod
  8. Spring flowers on Cape Cod
  9. It’s Blooming Beautiful! . Crocuses, snowdrops, rhododendrons, magnolias - these colorful flowers are blooming all over the Cape and Islands in the spring, and their colors are vibrant. A welcome sight after a long winter.
  10. Jeepers Peepers. The trilling sounds of peeper frogs, or “pinkletinks” as they are called on Martha’s Vineyard, are a sure sign spring has arrived and are music to the ears.
  11. Casting Call. Fishing on the Cape and Islands in spring is not to be missed. Fish in the freshwater or saltwater, or both! There are an abundance of blues, trout, tuna, and bass. Spring is a great time to cast a line.
  12. Springtime/Winetime. Spring is here and that means local vineyards and wineries are open so plan a spring getaway and taste the local wines. Find wineries and breweries
  13. Woof, Woof. Bring your dog on vacation this spring. Many of our listings are pet friendly, and in the spring, most of our beaches welcome dogs! Learn more about Family Vacations with Pets
  14. A Whale of a Good Time. The whales come to the warmer waters of Cape Cod in the spring to feed on mackerel, herring, and krill. Book a whale watch for the spring, and there is an excellent chance you’ll see the largest animal on earth. Find a Whale Watch
  15. Seashells by the Seashore. There is no better time than spring to search for the seashells and seaglass that have been tossed up onto the beaches from the winter storms. So come visit in spring, and get first dibs on seashells and seaglass! View all Cape Cod Beaches
  16. Get in Shape. Springtime is a great time to get outside and exercise on the Cape and Islands. There is full access to all the hiking, biking, running and walking trails in the area, and with so many options you are guaranteed to never get bored. Additionally, there are many road races, triathlons, bike races, and other sporting events to participate in throughout the spring. Find Hiking and Walking trails
  17. Daffodils, Daffodil, Daffodils. Visit the Cape and Islands in April and prepare to be amazed by the blooming. Enjoy two festivals centered around the daffodil: Brewster in Bloom and the Nantucket Daffodil Festival View Daffodil Festivals.