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Vacationer Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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General Information

How do I find a rental property?

    There are two ways to find your ideal vacation rental:

    Power Search --The most popular and efficient way to find a vacation rental, the Power Search enables you to indicate your preferences, including your vacation time frame, number of bedrooms, maximum price, proximity to beach, and key amenities. Select a specific location, an entire region, or even a combination of towns. The search results will be presented in a list of suitable properties according to price. They will also be presented as pins on a map for you to view each property relative to area beaches, town centers, or other points of interest.

    Once you have performed your search, you can use MyVacations to save both your requirements and the results, and then share them with family and friends.

    Browse all rentals -- You can also view a directory of all of the rentals in a specific Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, or Nantucket town listed by occupancy, high to low.

What key information should I look for on a listing?

    Calendar – Prior to inquiring about a property, be sure to view the listing’s pricing and availability calendar.

    Owner Specials -- Many homeowners post an Owner Special Owner Specials with a special offer or discount.

    Last-Minute Availability Alert – The Last-Minute Availability Alert indicates that the rental has at least one week available within the next month. Alerts are usually accompanied by an Owner Special offering a special offer or discount.

    Videos -- Some of the listings offer a video. If so, it is right below the pictures.

What do I do once I've found a rental I want to inquire about?

    When you find a rental you are interested in, you can phone or email the contact person for that rental. If you send an email inquiry, the form you complete will be sent to the contact person. In a given session, you need to input your information only once, and you can then send emails to the listers of as many properties as you wish. You will be able to enter a general comment about the composition of your party, etc. that will go to all listers, and you will also be able to send a unique message to individual listers if you have specific questions about just their property.

What is MyVacations, and how does it work?

    MyVacations is a feature that enables you to save your ideal rental search criteria and the results so that, when you return in the future, you can rerun your search and add to your existing list of favorites. A shopping cart for vacations! In addition, you can take online notes about the rentals and even rate them. Then, you can share your list with family and friends, and they, too, can record notes and rate the listings.

    In order to use MyVacations, you must provide your email address and an optional password to register. You can do this either before or after performing the Power Search. Once registered, when you return to, you will choose the MyVacations link on the home page. Log in, and you can either review previously set up "vacations" or start a new one by performing a Power Search.

How do I find a listing if I already know the property ID?

    To find a listing by its property ID, look for "Find by Property ID" field in the upper right corner of any page on the site.

Do you have a list of long-term winter rentals?
What general advice do you have for renters?

    Length of Stay
    Summer rentals usually require a minimum stay of one week and generally run from Saturday to Saturday. Some rentals begin on another day of the week, however, especially on Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket. Off-season stays or smaller homes or apartments are generally more flexible, with many homes available to rent on a daily basis or for long weekends.

    Check-in/Check-out Time
    Check-in time is most often early to mid-afternoon with check-out time in the mid- to late morning.

    Security Deposit
    Most homeowners and realtors require a refundable security deposit for a rental home. Check with the homeowner or realtor for details. The security deposit is usually due to be returned within a month after tenancy.

    It is in your best interest, as well as that of the homeowner, to have a signed lease that spells out the details of your tenancy, including information about the security deposit, schedule for payment, and the cancellation policy. Many homeowners and listing agents require at least half of the rent due at the time of lease signing, with the remainder of the rent due one to three months prior to tenancy.

    In Season, Shoulder Season, and Off Season
    "In season" generally refers to all the weeks in July and August, the “shoulder season” generally includes the months of May, June, September, and October, and the off season runs from November through April. Most homeowners offer different prices for in season, shoulder season, and off-season. Check the listing’s calendar or with the homeowner or listing agent for details.

    Book Early
    Because of the tremendous popularity of the Cape and Islands as a vacation destination, we encourage you to begin your search early for a rental property. Many rental homes are often booked for the summer by the end of February. This is particularly true with waterfront, water view properties. And plan ahead if you need to accommodate a greater number of guests, as larger homes tend to book early.

    Visitors to Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket in particular are advised to make precise rental and travel plans well in advance. If you intend to take a car to the Islands, make ferry reservations early in the year through the Steamship Authority Authority at 508-771-4000. For Island ferry info.

    Most short-term rentals include all utility costs.

    Household Supplies
    Unless otherwise noted, most rental homes supply kitchen utensils, dishes, and some cleaning supplies. You are expected to supply your own linens and towels unless the listing specifies that the owner will supply them via "linens included" in the amenities section. There are linen rental companies, several of which will even deliver the linens.

    Prior to Your Vacation
    Before you leave for your vacation home, be sure you have precise directions; a key (or arrangements for picking up the key) to the home; and the phone number of the homeowner, listing agent, or property manager.

    Upon your arrival
    If anything is amiss at the home when you arrive, contact the owners or their agent immediately. Being informed of any issues only after your departure is of no benefit to either you or the homeowner.

    Homeowners Are Responsible for Their Own Listings
    All of the information found on the individual property pages has been provided by the property owner or listing agent. is not responsible for the accuracy of the content provided. If, however, you notice a discrepancy, please notify us so that we can investigate and require that the lister rectify the situation.

Pets: Can I bring my dog or cat on vacation with me?

    Use the Power Search to find vacation rentals that will allow pets. Dogs are more likely to be accepted than cats unless the cats are declawed. In some cases, you will be required to pay an additional pet deposit.

    Be sure to treat your pet with a flea and tick preventive at least a week prior to your vacation.

    Rental owners appreciate pet parents who offer to bring sheets to cover upholstered furniture.

    Always keep your dog on a leash (or under voice control if at an off-leash facility) and always clean up after him, both at the rental property and elsewhere.

    Keep in mind that the majority of beaches do not allow dogs in season. Learn about dog-friendly beaches and great locations to walk your dogs.

How can I access Cape & Islands transportation sites?
How can I provide feedback on my vacation at one of your rentals?

    Guest Reviews are an effective means of building credibility, confidence, and trust in our listings and are invaluable to homeowners and future vacationers alike. If you would like to write a review about your experience in a vacation rental, go to the listing and click on the "Write a review" link. Provided the guest review meets our Guidelines, a copy is sent to the homeowner, who may submit a response if they choose, and the review will be posted, generally within 7 business days.

    In the unlikely event that your experience at one of our properties is unduly negative, please email at us with the details. We will follow up with you and the homeowner.

Why should I use to find a vacation rental property?
    • Being locally owned and operated, we are the Cape and Islands vacation rental specialists and are a valuable resource for information about the local area.
    • Since 1997, tens of thousands of vacationers have booked vacation rental homes through and have reported very positive experiences to us.
    • Vacationers rely on our site year after year to find their vacation rental homes. Read their testimonials.
    • With more than 3,500 vacation rental homes on Cape Cod and the Islands, we have options for everyone and in every budget.
    • A majority of homeowners have an established history in the rental industry and have been on our site for years. Each property listing documents the length of time on our site.
    • Our individualized customer service enables us to know many homeowners personally and maintain strong working relationships with them.
    • We genuinely care about your vacation rental experience and are available for assistance 7 days a week. In the unlikely event that your rental experience is unduly negative, please inform us in detail. We adhere to a strict listing policy, and discretionary removal of a listing may result if warranted.
What assurance can you provide regarding your vacation rental properties?

    You can feel comfortable and confident when booking your vacation home through because:

    • We are locally owned and operated, most of us own homes here ourselves, and we are very involved in the Cape and Islands community.
    • Every listing on our site is reviewed and approved by us prior to activation.
    • We have never activated a listing for a property that did not exist as a rental property at the address provided.
    • Our Guest Review Policy and Guidelines provides vacationers with total transparency regarding our listings, allowing for greater confidence that the home is as advertised and that the owner or property manager is trustworthy.
    • Because we are local and offer top-in-the-industry customer services to our owners and managers, we are acquainted personally with many them.
How can I contact you?

    Feel free to call (888-281-8660) or email us at anytime.

    If you have any feedback or suggestions on how we can make our website easier for you to use, please let us know.