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Flying to Nantucket - Gorgeous Views

Becky Fischer | 7/11/2016

I have flown to Nantucket 5 times over the years. Each time I feel nervous about the little plane flying over the ocean. The "what ifs" run through my mind, even though I know that it is safe. Then, something special happens. I look out the window and see Hyannis Harbor, then total blue ocean full of fishing boats, and then the best part - aerial views of Nantucket.

No doubt, arriving to either Island via ferry is magical and gives me goosebumps. I usually take the ferry. The rare times I fly in are really breathtaking.

Each time I marvel at the pure beauty. The unique viewpoint from above. Trying to identify each area of the Island as we circle overhead towards the airport. Words do not do the experience justice, so here are some pictures.

Great Point Lighthouse

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