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Social Media Marketing for Your Vacation Rental is very active on each of these social networks to promote vacation rentals!

Social networking is the fastest and least expensive way to market on the Internet. They:

  • Empower you to encourage your friends to spread the word about your listing
  • Encourage vacationers to remember your listing via "share" and "favorite"
  • Encourage a medium for you to communicate with other homeowners
  • Drive traffic to, which also benefits you

Here's how you can participate:

Facebook Facebook

Social Sharing
  1. "Like" your property listing by clicking the Facebook blue “f” button on the right column of your listing page. This will post a link and picture to your rental on your Facebook wall for all of your friends to see.
  2. Add a message that says "Invite your friends, come rent our fantastic house. Book by May 1st for $100 off!"
  3. Use the orange "+" option on your listing to choose from several other social media sites to share your listing. If you choose the Facebook option, you can choose where on Facebook to post your property. Perhaps you belong to a group. Find our business page and like it! WeNeedaVacation Facebook Page

Pinterest Pinterest

The fastest growing, popular visual site focused on pictures, videos, and all things beautiful.

  1. Create a Pinboard for your rental: Click "Create boards," and then on the Create Your First Pinboards page, click "Add," select a category, and click "Create."
  2. Go to your listing, and click the red "P" button for the most beautiful pictures on your listing. Keep in mind that the secret to success on Pinterest is BEAUTIFUL. Once you choose which of your pictures you would like to pin, they will appear on your chosen pin board. Be sure to pin other interesting pictures (check out our - Photo galleries on that will give potential renters a visual of activities/restaurants/beaches that are near your rental property. Write a brief but concise description of the picture. Remember that this description stays with the picture as it travels around Pinterest. This picture will link to your property listing!
  3. Stay active on Pinterest by liking, following, commenting and re-pinning. Please visit our Pinterest page – " Cape Cod"

YouTube YouTube

  1. YouTube is the second most popular search engine behind Google. And…Google owns YouTube, so this site is powerful!
  2. Check out the YouTube channel. We have uploaded many Cape and Islands town videos as well as property videos that we produced. If you would like us to create a video for you or add your video to our channel, contact
  3. Once you have a video on YouTube, be sure to use the "Share" button to spread the word and show it to many people via Facebook, email, Twitter.

Google+ Google+

  1. Google+ is Google’s social media site. While Google+ has been a bit criticized for being difficult to use, it is getting better, and it’s Google, so it’s important to be present there.
  2. If you have a @gmail email account, then you probably have a Google+ page, whether you created it or not. If you want to build your Google+ profile, great. You will be encouraged to do this when you login to Google.
  3. Easiest way to promote your rental is to use the red "g+" button on your listing. Click it, and your listing will be posted.
  4. Find us on Google+

Google+ reviews are powerful, as Google credits sites and pages with reviews. If you use Google+ or have a gmail account, please consider taking 5 minutes to write a review for our site. You can find us by going to Google Maps, searching “ map” and look for the “Write a Review” box.

Blog Blog

  1. We have written over 120 posts of valuable homeowner information, each searchable by topic.
  2. We publish 2 – 4 blog entries per month, and all past entries are always available. Please visit the Vacation Rental Homeowner Blog, feel free to post a comment, and let us know if you have ideas for future articles!
  3. You can subscribe to receive notifications when new posts are published.

Twitter Twitter

Social Sharing
  1. If you use Twitter actively every week, then you probably love it. If you don’t use it much, you probably think it is ridiculous.
  2. The quick and easy way to promote your rental is to once again use the social media widget on your property listing and click the Twitter icon. Then write a short description, invitation to your listing. You will see that we have automated the text for tweet, but you can edit that.
  3. Use hashtags to increase the visibility / power of your tweet such as "Summer weeks 7/11 and 7/18 available in #Wellfleet #vacationrental #capecod (insert link)"
  4. When you post your rental, include our " @weneedavacation " and we’ll retweet you! Follow us! @WeNeedaVacation
  5. Keep in mind that one secret of Twitter is the more you post, the stronger you are. Unlike Facebook where if you post all the time, people tire. You can post repetitive content, but rephrase it each time. Find other #capecod articles, pictures to post.

Instagram Instagram

  1. We have been active on Instagram for about a year. This is popular with a younger crowd. All visual, no links. Check out our Instagram page.
  2. There is not a way to link your property listing to Instagram, except one the description of your page. There you can write briefly about yourself, Cape Cod, your rental and provide a link.
  3. Best way to feature your home? Take lots of pretty pictures of your rental, local beach, town, etc. and post them on Instagram.
  4. When you post, you can also link the post to Facebook or Twitter.
  5. Hashtags are big on Instagram. You will notice that people often list 6+ hashtags with every post to help others find the picture.

LinkedIn LinkedIn

  1. LinkedIn works great for professional networking. You can find great articles, news, information and group discussions on LinkedIn. We post a lot of stats, blog posts, press releases here. It is much less social, visual.
  2. However, it can be a powerful place to promote your listing.
  3. But in a more formal voice. You are speaking with fellow alumni, co-workers, and professionals in your industry.
  4. On the social widget on your property listing, below the red "P" (Pinterest) button, there is an orange "+" button. Click on that and you will see Linkedin listed.
  5. We have a company page on LinkedIn and invite you to follow us! WeNeedaVacation on LinkedIn

We are available to help you with these social media outlets. Please contact if you need assistance promoting your rental home.