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Social Media Marketing Services

Social media grows more powerful all the time. We have learned over the years how to successfully market our business, expand our social audience 10x, and thus increase business on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn. We are now offering social media marketing services to our homeowners to help you promote your vacation rental to thousands of new vacationers.

Social Advertising

By being in business for over 20 years, we have accumlated a vast amount of vacationer data including the rental requirements (party size, location, price point, etc.) and inquiry trends. Using this data, we are able to identify a target audience that is most likely to be interested in your vacation rental and deliver an ad for your home via a Facebook ad campaign. From our experience, a weekly ad will increase property listing views 3x and the majority of ads have produced at least one inquiry.

Each ad is custom created to showcase the strengths of your home. The ad links to your listing, and the ad is not affiliated with your personal account on Facebook. Let us create a unique Facebook ad for your rental home. Note: Individual Facebook ads for Homeowners will be available starting in May due to WeNeedaVacation running active Facebook ad campaigns thru the Spring.

Social Marketing 101: How to set up your social media

How to set up your social media taught by Becky Fischer.

Schedule some time to sit in person or over the phone and she will coach you on how to set up a Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook account. Then, tips on how to showcase your vacation rental on the social channel.

Social Marketing 201: Social Marketing on Your Own

We will teach you the next powerful steps to promote your listing on Facebook including boosted posts and paid ad campaigns. Reach thousands of vacationers who are interested in your region of the Cape or Islands.

Custom Pages

For those homeowners who are active on Facebook, we’ll help you set up a business page for your vacation rental and coach you on how to promote your home to your friends and a larger audience if you wish.

Businesses on Social

Own a business? We can offer similar services to help you promote your business to thousands of targeted customers. Perhaps you need new pictures, new social accounts set up, or tips on how to use social media more effectively.


We'll visit your property with flowers, lighting tools, and a fresh eye and take numerous interior, exterior, and beach photos!

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Whether its aerial footage from our drone or a virtual tour, we'll convey a more comprehensive sense of your home to potential vacationers.

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Choose from a menu of marketing tools, and we will consult 1:1 to help strengthen your property listing and rental success.

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