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Ridgevale Beach

Where: Ridgevale Drive, Chatham

Water Type: Salt water

Type: Calm

  • Amenities:
  • FoodFood
  • LifeguardsLifeguards
  • BathBath

Good for: Swimming, Walking

About Ridgevale Beach: One of the largest beaches in Chatham, it is popular beach to go to in the summer. The calm waters make it ideal for swimming. There is parking available for $15 a day.

Reviews (12 reviews total)

West Brookfield, MA
2 reviews
Member since: Sep 2016


We had little children with us so this beach was perfect. It had tide pools to explore and sand bars to walk on. You could float on a boogie board on a natural inlet. The water had gentle waves and crystal clear pools to catch minnows and collect shells. The scenery was beautiful.

Hillsborough, NJ
7 reviews
Member since: Sep 2009


Besides the sound there is a tidal pool where children can play and explore in shallow water, the tide washes in and out every day and brings with it all kinds of interesting sea life.

United States
3 reviews
Member since: May 2014


Ridgevale Beach is beautiful! The shallow tide pools are perfect for children. There's a great snack bar and small sailboats for rent. Good parking, but 15./day.

Hillsborough, NJ
7 reviews
Member since: Sep 2009


The tidal pools are great for children to explore and learn about nature and certain forms a sea life.

Wayland, MA
2 reviews
Member since: Mar 2012


We love Ridgevale Beach - it is so close and easy and really offers it all! It has the big beach and ocean some are looking for, and also has all the tide pools and waterways that occupy the kids for hours. There are also bathroom facilities (though not luxury by any means!) and a snack bar. We spent hours there many days in a row!

2 reviews
Member since: Mar 2013


Perfect beach for low & high tides, making it great for kids of all ages. At low tide, crabs are easy to catch, you can ride the water, and the shallow water makes it perfect for little ones. Older kids can walk out to the various sandbars. Food is also available for sale.

Scarsdale, NY
2 reviews
Member since: Feb 2014


The Nantucket Sound is best with kids and this beach we all enjoyed.

New York, NY
2 reviews
Member since: Jul 2014


Get there before 10:30 for a parking spot and buy a weekly beach sticker, its worth it! There is a small marsh area great for kids to explore. The sand is clean and there is a snack bar.

Needham, MA
2 reviews
Member since: Mar 2013


It was about a 10 minute drive, but always a favorite for us because it is so family friendly. It has port-o-potties that are kept fairly clean and has the concession stand. During mid to low tide the children have so much fun exploring the river and tidal pools and it is safe for floats, etc. Definitely bring pails and nets! My husband likes it because you can go to the ocean side and rent a Sunfish, kayak or paddle board.

2 reviews
Member since: Aug 2013


Clean, safe, lifeguard,good café and great shallow areas for young children to paddle.

Morris Plains, NJ
2 reviews
Member since: Mar 2014


Close to the cottage [ID 11440] and safe for kids! Great beach!

Streetsboro, OH
2 reviews
Member since: Feb 2014


Very kid friendly with tide pool - perfect for kids to swim, play and catch hermit crabs!