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Crosby Landing, Cape Cod

Brewster, MA

41.784353° N, -70.033915° W

Where: Crosby Lane, Brewster View Map

Water Type: Salt water

Type: Calm

  • wc

Good for: Swimming, Walking


Crosby Landing Beach is a calm, bayside beach perfect for families and children. It is an expansive beach with warm waters that are perfect for swimming, and when the tide goes out, there are plenty of tide pools to play in and to explore. There is a good-sized parking area, and plenty of bike racks for those that wish to bike to the beach. Dogs and other pets are not allowed on public beaches, tidal flats, landings, and public ponds between the dates of May 1st and October 1st.


20 rated reviews | 41 total reviews

2 reviews
Member since: Jun 2022


Perfect beach when the tide is out! We’ve been coming here for 30+ years. It’s definitely my family’s favorite!

United States
4 reviews
Member since: Jan 2015


Our favorite beach! Love that once you are up over the dune and on the beach, there are no cars or facilities or snack bars to spoil the view... just beach. Even the sani cans are well maintained . I only wish Brewster would add a beach mat to make the beach cart trip over the dune easier!

Fall River, MA
4 reviews
Member since: Jun 2021


The kids enjoyed searching for shells and other “treasures” during low tide. The sand was soft and parking was plentiful and free with a Massachusetts state DCR pass.

2 reviews
Member since: May 2023


walkable and beautiful

Amherst, MA
2 reviews
Member since: Oct 2022


Bayside beach, water shallower, warmer, and gentler than on the ocean side. Dogs welcome after Sept 15. And this year we managed to get the low tide experience, when you can walk far out. Our dog loved it and so did we. In mid-September swimming was possible last year, not this year, but wading with rolled-up pants was still fun. Not crowded in September, just lovely. (Parking reportedly difficult in the summer. No problem mid-September.)

2 reviews
Member since: Apr 2022


Great beach with ample parking in relation to some of the others. Very clean and just the right size.

Buffalo, NY
2 reviews
Member since: Jul 2022


For a senior, it's free!

Worcester, MA
2 reviews
Member since: Dec 2019


Low tide was like something out of a movie-just beautiful!

Camden, NY
3 reviews
Member since: Jul 2020


Tide pools, quiet, no crowds.

North Salem, NY
2 reviews
Member since: Apr 2014


Great place to walk and watch the sunset.

2 reviews
Member since: Aug 2019


We love low tide at bayside beaches.

Hamden, CT
2 reviews
Member since: Mar 2021


Crosby Beach has been our favorite for over 40 years. It's clean, has a family-friendly atmosphere, access to portable bathrooms, surrounded by a variety of shoreline birds and wildlife as well as some of the best sunsets on Cape Cod. Mini library at the entrance to the walk path allows you to grab a book or donate a book. Parking lot fills quickly so arriving early is recommended.

Western Springs, IL
2 reviews
Member since: Jul 2021


Great beach. However, parking was a challenge

2 reviews
Member since: Mar 2018


The Mudflat is a wonderful and unique place to experience. Make sure you check the tidal chart to make sure you have enough time to walk out and explore.

Medfield, MA
2 reviews
Member since: Jul 2015


Beautiful sandy beach, lots of birds, gorgeous sunsets.

Paxton, MA
2 reviews
Member since: Sep 2020


Large, Beautiful sunsets and children loved crab hunting in the tide pools.

Farmington, CT
3 reviews
Member since: Jun 2018


Beautiful sand and really clear water. Great beach for kids at high or low tide. Plenty of space to spread out and easy parking areas.

Holden, MA
2 reviews
Member since: Jun 2020


Lots of space to spread out on the beach in either direction. We love taking a walk on the flats during low tide.

Longmeadow, MA
3 reviews
Member since: Dec 2008


Best sunset viewing

W Hartford, CT
2 reviews
Member since: Mar 2007


Right near a huge dune nature preserve with walking paths. You can exit the East side of the parking lot and walk to entrances other than the main entrance. Low tide is great. Beautiful sunsets. Overflow parking available near Crosby Mansion (sticker required before 4PM). Ice cream truck comes. Long beach, plenty of space. Great view of the entire bay. Enjoy!

2 reviews
Member since: May 2017


We love the expansive sand and the miles of flats at low tide for finding shells and crabs!! Great for little ones or ones who don't like big waves!!

5 reviews
Member since: Jun 2015


A small but beautiful beach located less than 10 minutes from our rental [Brewster Vacation Rental ID 4735]. You'll need to obtain a parking permit at Brewster Town Hall prior to parking in the lot, or you'll risk getting a ticket. The police patrol the lot regularly, and the $15 we spent on a one-day permit was worth avoiding a $30 fine. There is no concession so you'll have to bring in your own food and drink. Still, it's one of my favorite beaches in Brewster.

Averill Park, NY
2 reviews
Member since: Oct 2016


A beautiful beach within walking distance or a quick bike ride Brewster Vacation Rental ID 19782. Also, it was a great beach to take a walk on. Some surf but no strong undertow so wonderful for small children.

5 reviews
Member since: Jun 2015


Sunrise yoga at Crosby Landing Beach was both tranquil and exhilarating.

Troy, NY
2 reviews
Member since: Aug 2016


Crosby Beach is just a few mies away-across from Nickerson State Park
After 3 pm anyone can use the parking lot-which leaves only a short walk to the
water and beach
its a wonderful family beach w restrooms-we love it

Durham, NH
3 reviews
Member since: Oct 2013


Restrooms available, changing tides keep you busy, sand is gorgeous & rocks, shells always there for picking.

Rutland, MA
2 reviews
Member since: Mar 2017


When the tide is out, you can walk for miles and miles! When the tide is, you still have plenty of space to set up for a great day in the sun!

Chester, NJ
4 reviews
Member since: May 2008


Crosby is a wide, long, sandy beach mostly backed by marsh. This is one of the most scenic of the Brewster's bay beaches. Crosby can get buggy when it is warm without wind (early summer green head flies can be a problem at times!) But, most of the time this beach is very pleasant. Because the beach is fairly large, it's always possibly to find an uncrowded stretch of beach. One of the easiest ways to get away from the crowd is to walk east from the parking long behind the dunes - most of the walking is easy and there are several branching trails to take you directly onto the beach. You don't have to walk terribly far!

Parking can be a problem - if you drive to Crosby and expect to get a parking spot at 11am on a warm sunny July or August weekend, forget it. The lots will be full and Brewster's parking enforcement is aggressive. One option is to park at Nickerson park across 6A and bike down. Parking at non-peak times is rarely a problem.

Mechanicsburg, PA
2 reviews
Member since: Aug 2016


We enjoyed Crosby landing the most, even though it was a bit of a longer walk (20 min-not bad at all) Brewster Vacation Rental ID 26543. We felt is was less crowded than others and had cleaner sand. But you can't go wrong with any of the Brewster beaches!! Nothing beats the way the tide goes out.

2 reviews
Member since: Feb 2015


Great beach with tidal pools, warm waters and lots of sea life.

United States
4 reviews
Member since: Jan 2015


Easy access , picturesque , warm water, fun for small children. Arrive by 10 Am or later in pm. Limited parking. Porta potty

Chester, NJ
4 reviews
Member since: May 2008


Long, wide sandy beach with a natural background - plenty of space to find some solitude or just enjoy some swimming. Only downside to the Brewster Bay beaches is the lack of water at low tide... But, this is always the best time to explore the tide pools.

Leicester, MA
5 reviews
Member since: Mar 2007


Quiet AM beach is great for walking.

Attleboro, MA
3 reviews
Member since: Jul 2014


A perfect family beach. Especially enjoyable at sunset!

Goffstown, NH
3 reviews
Member since: Aug 2011


Beautiful, flat, miles of walking when the tide is out. Safe for little ones to play. Always warm water in the spring.

Colchester, CT
3 reviews
Member since: May 2014


Crosby is great at low tide or high tide. It's a long expanse of beach, the longest of Brewster's 8 bayside beaches. There is a long walking path and gorgeous vistas that on a clear day extend to Provincetown's monument. When the tide is out, you can walk miles across "the flats" for families and artists wanting a dramatic view. When the tide is in, the water is warmer by far than the Atlantic Ocean in mid-summer, and it is shallow enough in spots for young children to play and swim. If you like paddle-boarding, this is the place for you!
In addition, there is Nauset Beach for a dramatic view of the Atlantic Ocean and enough surf to suit the water sports crowd.
Of course there is also Sheep Pond and Long Pond, an easy walk from the house, with some of the clearest waters to be found on the Cape and the charming community beaches that are part of the neighborhood.

4 reviews
Member since: Aug 2013


Not too crowdy, perfect for young kids (small wave, shallow and hot water). Not muddy! However people have parties on the beach doing fires so we end up playing in wood ashes...

Danbury, CT
4 reviews
Member since: Jan 2011


Miles of shallow mudflats at low tide made for wonderful crab-hunting adventures! And no worries about the kids.

Coventry, CT
2 reviews
Member since: Jul 2014


Love the quiet Brewster beaches!

Marysville, MI
2 reviews
Member since: Jan 2013


When the tide's out, you can walk the sand bars for over a mile! Stunning sunsets!

Norwalk, CT
2 reviews
Member since: Jun 2013


Crosby Landing was recommended to us when we bought our weekly beach sticker. It has a larger parking lot, the dunes are nice and, since we are afternoon beach people without kids, we always got a space and it was really perfect!

Crosby Landing Vacation Rentals

ID 31457
4 BR
3 baths
Sleeps 10
Peaceful Setting, Minutes From Crosby Landing
Peaceful Setting, Minutes From Crosby Landing
Distance to beach: less than 1/2 mile to Crosby Landing
ID 4236
2 BR
1 bath
Sleeps 6
Spacious Cottage near Bayside Beaches
Spacious Cottage near Bayside Beaches
Distance to beach: 4/10 mi to semiprivate or pub beach, 5 min walk
2 reviews read reviews
ID 26374
3 BR
2 baths
Sleeps 7
3 Bedroom/2 Bath Home near the beach and state park.
3 Bedroom/2 Bath Home near the beach and state park.
Distance to beach: 3/10 mile to Crosby Landing
8 reviews read reviews
ID 36695
ID 27647
4 BR
2 ½ baths
Sleeps 8
Luxury Rental at Crosby Landing
Luxury Rental at Crosby Landing
Distance to beach: 1 mile to Crosby Landing