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Lecount Hollow

Where: Lecount Hollow Rd, Wellfleet

Water Type: Salt water

Type: Surf

  • Amenities:
  • ParkingParking
  • BathBath

Good for: Swimming, Skimboarding, Vollyball

About Lecount Hollow: A popular beach destination in the summer, Maguire Landing at Lecount Hollow, is bordered by large sand dunes. The sand is white and soft and the water is refreshing. Plenty of space for beach games. Town sticker required for parking.

Reviews (3 reviews total)

Dayton, OH
3 reviews
Member since: Dec 2007


Our favorite beaches are LeCount Hollow on the ocean and Great Pond in Wellfleet for freshwater swimming. Great Pond has a lot of steps and the ocean beaches also require going up and down the dunes but as long as we can (we are in our 70s) we will continue to enjoy them. We avoid Cahoon Hollow (too crowded because of the Beachcomber) and White Crest (the highest of the dunes and known more as a beach for surfers.) LeCount and Newcom Hollow are our preferred ocean beaches (only open to Wellfleet renters with a beach sticker) along with Marconi which is run by the National Park Service.

Amherst, MA
2 reviews
Member since: May 2009


Plan to head for the beach early as Wellfleet beach parking lots are small - the advantage of this is that you have plenty of sand to call your own. The beauty of the dunes, waves, seals, and occasional whale passing by can't be beat - and a dip in a kettle pond on the way home caps off the day.

Larchmont, NY
2 reviews
Member since: Apr 2008


Wle love all the Wellfleet and Truro beaches--ocean, bay and pond. This is closest to the house, can be reached by bike; there are bathrooms and a snack truck in the parking lot, and lifeguards, and the path down the dune is not too onerous. I think the prevalence of gray seals is getting out of hand, but since they feed very close to shore it is interesting to watch them, and this summer a very large group evident every day between Lecount Hollow and Marconi beaches, a reason to take a walk along the shore.