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Seaview Beach

Where: Seagull Beach Road, Yarmouth

Water Type: Salt water

Type: Calm

  • Amenities:
  • LifeguardsLifeguards
  • BathBath

Good for: Swimming, Walking

Reviews (4 reviews total)

2 reviews
Member since: Dec 2010


Small beach but not crowded, just a few stairs from the parking lot down to the beach. Very fine sand. And the best part: at the top of the stairs are several benches where you can sit and watch the boats or just enjoy staring at the ocean without having to cart all the beach equipment along.

Leicester, MA
2 reviews
Member since: Jul 2011


This is a beach within walking distance [Property ID 20751]. There a lifeguards on duty and you are just a short beach walk away from bathrooms at Parkers River Beach. The beach is clean and has plenty of room to spread out at high or low tide.

Akron, OH
2 reviews
Member since: Aug 2014


This beach was the largest and least crowded of the ones we visited. It also provided the best walking.

Allendale, NJ
3 reviews
Member since: Aug 2013


More quiet and less crowed than other beaches.