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Eastham Beaches

Boat Meadow, Eastham

Boat Meadow

3 reviews

Where: Bayview Road, Eastham

Good for: swimming, kayaking

Boat Meadow is a small, marshy beach. The shallow waters make it a nice spot for small children. As the name indicates it is a popular spot to watch boats coming and going.Parking is available, but l...

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Campground Beach, Eastham

Campground Beach

15 reviews

Where: Campground Road, Eastham

Good for: Swimming, Walking

This popular beach is a good spot to sit and enjoy the sun and water. It is a relatively small beach with calm waves. There is a lot available for parking and a daily fee is required.

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Coastguard Beach, Eastham

Coastguard Beach

55 reviews

Where: Coastguard Beach Rd, Eastham

Good for: Kayaking

Coastguard Beach is a fun beach for playing in the waves and has soft sand. There is no parking at the beach, but there is a very convenient shuttle service provided from the Little Creek parking are...

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Cole Rd Beach, Eastham

Cole Rd Beach

3 reviews

Where: Cole Rd, Eastham

Good for: Swimming, Walking

Located in a quiet area of Eastham, Cole Rd. Beach is a quiet, pristine beach. Bordering the beach is a saltwater creek that empties into the ocean. There is a very small residents only parking lot.

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Cooks Brook, Eastham

Cooks Brook

13 reviews

Where: Steele Rd, Eastham

Good for: Swimming, Walking

A small beach with plenty of dunes, Cooks Brook has nice views, soft sand, and small waves making it a desirable place to spend the day .

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Dyer Prince Beach

Where: Dyer Prince Road, Eastham

Good for: Swimming, Walking

This beach has a wonderfully secluded feel to it. Although it has a small beach, the tidal flats extend very far giving one plenty of room to explore a low tide. The path to the beach is located at t...

  • wc
First Encounter Beach, Eastham

First Encounter Beach

30 reviews

Where: Samoset Road, Eastham

Good for: Skimboarding, Swimming, Tidepooling

A nice quiet family beach, First Encounter Beach, has warm water and like most bay beaches is very gentle. When the tide goes out, it is perfect for tide pooling and walking. An ice cream truck goes b...

  • wc
Great Pond, Eastham

Great Pond

1 review

Where: Great Pond Rd, Eastham

Good for: Swimming, Small Boat, Kayaking

Great pond is a "great" pond for swimming, kayaking and boating. There is a roped off area for swimming and a very small beach. Parking is extremely limited.

  • local_parking

Herring Brook

2 reviews

Where: Cole Rd, Eastham

Good for: Swimming, Walking

This small beach is a wonderful spot for children. There is a small brook(can be crossed easily on foot) that divides the beach making it fun place to children to explore. Plan to get there early as i...

  • local_parking
Kingsbury Beach, Eastham

Kingsbury Beach

Where: Kingbury Rd, Eastham

Good for: Swimming, Walking

With gorgeous view of Cape Cod Bay, Kingsbury Beach, is a nice sandy beach with calm water. Located in a residential area, there is very limited parking.

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Nauset Light Beach, Eastham

Nauset Light Beach

39 reviews

Where: Cable Rd, Eastham

Good for: Skimboarding, Surfing, Swimming

Nauset Light Beach is a popular National Seashore beach perfect for adventurous families looking for great swimming, surfing, and bodyboarding. The temperature of the water is on the cool side, as it'...

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Sunken Meadow Beach, Eastham

Sunken Meadow Beach

3 reviews

Where: South Sunken Meadow Rd, Eastham

Good for: Swimming, Walking

This small beach is easily accessible from the parking lot. The sand is hard making it a good spot for beach games. There are small waves.

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Thumpertown Beach, Eastham

Thumpertown Beach

7 reviews

Where: Thumpertown Road, Eastham

Good for: Swimming, Walking

A relatively small beach, Thumpertown is accessible via a steep set of stairs. Get there early to stake out your spot. Parking is residents only.

  • wc
Wiley Park, Eastham

Wiley Park

5 reviews

Where: Herring Brook Road, Eastham

Good for: Swimming, Walking

A lovely freshwater pond, Wiley Park is a fun place for kids as there are platforms form which they can jump into the water. There is a only very small sandy beach area, but a small playground is loc...

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