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The Property Video showcases the key features of your property and its surroundings.

We recommend that your property video be between 60 – 120 seconds in length.

When we produce any type of property video, we add music and captions. Your video will be clickable from your property listing as well as featured on our YouTube channel.

Three ways to produce a Property Video follow. Click the pictures to see the videos.

Here is a ballpark cost of our video production services.

A dynamic video is made up of all images taken by a video camera and can provide a full perspective of both the interior of your home and its surroundings. It also captures the emotion and movement of ocean waves, trees, sea grasses, etc.

Quantity 3 hours
Cost $240
Click here to see the full listing.

A montage video is made up of still photographs that are electronically linked with interesting affects that allow the video to show emotion and slight movement. You can create a montage video by using photos that you have previously taken. Or you can send us your pictures and we can create the montage for you at a cost of $6 per picture.

Quantity 12 picture montage
Cost $72
Click here to see the full listing.

A hybrid video is a combination of the dynamic and montage videos. The dynamic video blends seamlessly with the montage video. If you are creating your video during the off-season, this method can enable you to combine interior video with exterior still photos taken during in-season. Conversely, you can combine still photos of the interior with dynamic video clips of the surrounding area.

Quantity 8 pictures plus 2 hours
Cost $48 + $160
Click here to see the full listing.

Additional cost if you request that we take new pictures to create a hybrid video.