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Seals in Sandwich

Kennedy Ryan | 11/23/2020

I’ve lived in Massachusetts my entire life, but it wasn’t until I recently started my new role with the WeNeedaVacation team that I really had a chance to start exploring Cape Cod. I have been dazzled by the vast shorelines of white sands, miles of nature trails, and charming seaside homes. One of my most memorable moments happened on a recent visit to Sandwich.

The Sandwich Boardwalk, located about a mile from the town center, offers visitors sweeping views of beaches and salt marshes. The boardwalk is 1350 feet in length and leads to the Town Beach on Cape Cod Bay. This is a great spot for canoeing and bird watching. But I didn’t realize it would be a great spot for seal watching!

As I approached the boardwalk from the parking lot, I noticed something large floating in the water. As I got closer, I realized it was a seal! Perched on a rock and enjoying the sunshine, this beautiful creature seemed content as he relaxed near the boardwalk, occasionally going for a brief swim.

Two members of the National Marine Life Center explained that this seal had managed to wander off his path after being released into the wild from rehabilitation. This was the second time he had been released, but he preferred to find shelter in the cozy waters of the boardwalk. “He likes to hang out and eat minnows, but he usually sits on the boardwalk when no one is around,” one employee said.

While it is a rare experience to see seals in the wild like this, The National Marine Life Center urges Cape Cod visitors to remain at least 150 feet from these creatures. This is not only to protect these creatures, but for visitors’ safety as well. Seals can present other potential dangers, such as sharks looking for prey. For more information on sharks and seals on Cape Cod, check out our Cape Cod Seals and Sharks Blog Post.

If you happen to come across a seal in an unusual spot, be sure to take a photo from a safe distance and call for help. If you find a marine animal in distress, contact the International Fund For Animal Welfare, one of the largest animal welfare and conservation charities in the world. Its role is to rescue individual animals, safeguard populations, preserve habitat, and advocate for greater protections.

You might enjoy taking one of the Best Seal Tours on Cape Cod during the warmer months to see these adorable creatures in their natural habitat. Chatham is one of the best locations to view seals in the summer as they bask in the sun in large herds. Seals are just one of the many wonders that make Cape Cod such a magnificent destination!