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Summer 2024 on the Cape and Islands

Josie Cataldo | 6/10/2022 (updated 6/23/2023)

Summer on the Cape and Islands will be here before we know it! The crystal-clear water will assume its summer blue/green hue, similar to our favorite shade of sea glass. Gentle waves at the bay will rock back and forth, ebbing and flowing, inviting WeNeedaVacation renters to splash in the salt water. Beach roses and pastel pink hydrangeas will decorate the white picket fences of the charming beach cottages that will hold fond memories for years to come. Our favorite restaurants will open back up to serve world famous seafood. Each meal will be paired with the sounds and sights of summer: live music and expansive water views.

Each day spent on the Cape and Islands will bring with it new excursions: back yard barbecues at your WeNeedaVacation rental nestled in the dunes of North Truro, nights spent under the lights watching the rising stars at Cape League games, bundling up in the bed of a pick-up truck at the drive-in, still sitting on the edge of your seat in anticipation no matter how many times you may have seen Jaws. There's nothing quite like summertime on the Cape and Islands, and WeNeedaVacation is here to ensure that the 2024 season is one you'll remember forever.

Last Minute Availability

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And If It's Not Sunny?

One thing about Cape Cod during the summer? The weather can be a pit unpredictable. This said, don't let a rain day get you down! There's still plenty of fun to be had even when the sky turns grey. Refer to our rainy day activities blog post for a list of awesome activities to turn your gloomy weather day around!


Cape and Islands beaches are nothing if not breathtaking, so make sure you check out the Beaches page on to choose which one you'll visit! Spend a day soaking up the sun on the soft sand before rinsing off in the refreshing ocean water.

Why Stay in a Vacation Rental?

Staying in a WeNeedaVacation rental is truly a special experience. These homes will hold and protect the cherished memories of your Cape and Islands vacation until your next visit. No matter how far away you might be, just know that once you stay in a WeNeedaVacation rental, you'll be connected to this special place forever.

Cape Cod Baseball League

What better way to celebrate the start of summer than by watching the future stars of the Red Sox at a Cape League game? A night spent sitting beneath the stars on a picnic blanket with peanuts? Yes please!

Cape and Islands Events

Once summer is in full swing, be sure to check out our event blog posts to stay up to date on all the fun and festive activities!

Farmers Markets

While we all love the luxury of eating out and enjoying the delicious dishes crafted by the talented chefs on the Cape and Islands, it's always nice to save some money and make a nice meal at home. Head to one of the many farmers markets on the Cape and Islands for some fresh ingredients that you can cook with in the kitchen of your WeNeedaVacation rental!