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Ballston Beach, Cape Cod

Truro, MA

42.001696° N, -70.021877° W

Where: North Pamet Rd, Truro View Map

Water Type: Salt water

Type: Surf

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Good for: Surfing, Bodyboarding, Swimming, Fishing


Located on the ocean side, Ballston Beach is a picturesque spot to enjoy the day. Lining the beach are the hills that Edward Hopper painted in much of his artwork. There is good surf making this a popular beach for surfers and bodyboarders. Parking is available for Truro beach sticker holders only.


10 rated reviews | 20 total reviews

Washington, DC
2 reviews
Member since: Aug 2023


Walking in through the dunes at the end of North Pamet Road to find a 100yard wide beach with practically no one around is sublime. The existence of the great white sharks keeps one alert but despite our initial concerns they did not really detract from the experience . Everyone sti enjoyed the surf but avoided venturing to far from shore.

Brooklyn, NY
2 reviews
Member since: Jan 2013


Ballston is beautiful and swimming in the surf is so envigorating. I've been visiting Truro since I was a child and it is sobering to see the impacts erosion has had on Ballston - even while I have been bringing my own children to the Cape. Many of the homes and dunes trails are gone and the entrace to the beach has been completely reworked. I have pictures of us having a bonfire at Ballston about 5 years ago - and the house that was in the shot is now gone. Only pipes, wires, and slabs of concrete remain. It reminds me how precious and beautiful this whole area is and how we need to protect it.

Boston, MA
2 reviews
Member since: Aug 2022


The sand bars off the beach give the waves a rolling action that makes them fun to ride. Also, this is a smaller beach so not as crowded.

2 reviews
Member since: Aug 2022


If you are up for walking, go to Ballston Beach and start walking towards Wellfleet. In about 500 yards you will get to Brush Hollow Beach. (Look for the small ladder up against the dune that allows those taking the path through the woods to climb down to the beach.) This is Brush Hollow. If you are still up for walking, keep going to the place in the beach where it juts out a bit and you can't see the line of dunes beyond. In my mind, the light is just a bit more magical and the water crystal clear out at Brush Hollow.

Cold Spring, NY
3 reviews
Member since: Apr 2021


Private, quiet and clean. Weekdays in mid June were calm and not at all crowded.

2 reviews
Member since: Jul 2021


Beautiful beach, and a childhood favorite. We have been coming to the Cape since I was seven.

Shelburne, VT
2 reviews
Member since: Apr 2009


Beautiful, easy to get to, quiet, lots of space for long walks, and watching seals and whales.

2 reviews
Member since: Jun 2020


Basically felt like a more private version of the Wellfleet beaches - lots of beach space and big dunes, and since the parking lot is near a tidal basin you don't have to actually climb up or down a dune to get there. Bathrooms were very clean porta potties.

Essex Junction, VT
3 reviews
Member since: Jul 2014


Luv the Dunes & first option when windy on Bay side

New York, NY
2 reviews
Member since: Feb 2019


It's long and beautiful with a perfect balance of quiet and happy beach-goers. There is no nicer walk anywhere than through the beachgrass onto this beach.

Plymouth, MA
2 reviews
Member since: Apr 2018


I love the rough wild beaches, big waves, and spectacular views.

Simsbury, CT
2 reviews
Member since: Jun 2019


great walking beach - beautiful sunsets

2 reviews
Member since: Mar 2018


Just perfect. Not overcrowded. Big waves (6-8 feet). Clean. Lots of seal and even a shark sighting (for those who like that kinda stuff)

Medway, MA
2 reviews
Member since: Jun 2016


Ballston Beach was easy to access, especially with all the beach gear in tow. I prefer the ocean side to bay side. It had a great sandbar so the kids could go out and jump in the waves and not be too deep.

Wellfleet, MA
2 reviews
Member since: Aug 2017


We like the nature around the beach, it is lovely.

Cooperstown, NY
2 reviews
Member since: Oct 2017


Constantly changing from year to year but always enjoyable. Water a bit chilly at our time of year. Great for walking.
Love the extensive sand bars in years when they are present.

Wilmette, IL
3 reviews
Member since: Jul 2014


Our kids (12 and 13) love the big surf on the ocean side, but they're both good swimmers and are cautious-- they'll get out if seals are lingering too closely and stay where they can touch bottom. Younger kids will like Ryder and Fisher Beaches. Beautiful, calm and much warmer water-- and uncrowded is an understatement. I you want to find playmates you may need to go to a busier beach!

Takoma Park, MD
2 reviews
Member since: Feb 2016


Ballston Beach is beautiful, especially early in the morning. In fact, we got married there.

Charlottesville, VA
3 reviews
Member since: May 2016


Beautiful dunes, secluded if you walk far enough from entrance.

2 reviews
Member since: Feb 2007


Easy access, beautiful sandbars, great waves and loads of curious seals popping up to look at us!

Ballston Beach Vacation Rentals

ID 35706
4 BR
2 baths
Sleeps 10
Historic Truro Cape - 10 min Walk to the Ocean
Historic Truro Cape - 10 min Walk to the Ocean
Distance to beach: 0.5 mi to Ballston Beach
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