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Skaket Beach

Where: West Rd, Orleans

Water Type: Salt water

Type: Calm

  • Amenities:
  • FoodFood
  • LifeguardsLifeguards
  • BathBath
  • ShowersShowers

Good for: Skimboarding, Swimming, Walking

About Skaket Beach: 5/26-6/16 $5 weekends, 6/17-9/7 $15 daily fee, 9/8-9/23 $5 weekends. This lovely bay beach is popular with families due to its warm water and calm surf. As with many bay beaches, you can explore for for miles at low tide. This beach is handicap accessible.

Reviews (25 reviews total)

Maplewood, NJ
2 reviews
Member since: Feb 2008


Beautiful, wide bay beach that has spectacular sunsets and you can walk out a mile or more at low tide. Convenient as it has a snack bar and real bathrooms. Great for families. Fills up early in the summer.

Sudbury, MA
2 reviews
Member since: Jan 2017


We loved Skaket beach at low tide. The water goes out a mile and the kids loved it. They searched for hermit crabs and minnows (the owners even had nets at the house for the kids to use on the beach to catch the minnows)

Highlands, NJ
2 reviews
Member since: Jan 2009


Intimate neighborhood beach just 5 minutes away [vacation rental id 25897] and a short walk from the parking lot to the beach. Great refreshment bar with amazing burgers! Tidal flats great for small children and exploring. At low tide, walk out to see the oyster farm...fascinating.

3 reviews
Member since: Jan 2015


Warm waters, great for young and old alike- beautiful views

2 reviews
Member since: Jun 2015


Free parking after 430 and beautiful sunsets, great frisbee territory.

Holyoke, MA
3 reviews
Member since: Feb 2011


The bay side... Meaning warmer water, smaller waves. When the tide goes out, you can walk forever! Best sunsets on Cape Cod, guaranteed!

Palo Alto, CA
2 reviews
Member since: Jul 2016


Great for kids at low tide.

United States
3 reviews
Member since: Nov 2014


Great access, lots of space! Just be mindful of the tide! it goes way out, and comes in quickly, which is awesome to experience.
Try going after an early dinner (No charge to park after 5), arriving before sunset and watching the sun set into Cape Cod Bay !!!

2 reviews
Member since: Sep 2015


This is a favorite of our grandchildren. The water is warmer and gentler. You can walk out very far when low tide or take a long walk along the shore. They found lots of hermit crabs and minnows.

Montclair, NJ
2 reviews
Member since: May 2015


Very dramatic tidal changes, great swimming in the bay, lots of fun for kids, worth a day trip if you've never been there

2 reviews
Member since: Sep 2016


We love Skaket Beach and find it to be one of the most beautiful around, with the green sea grass and nice sand. It is really perfect for kids. The little river that one can float on is a lot of fun, too. The snack shack has good food at reasonable prices. We found that the parking lot fills up by 10am, sometimes earlier.

2 reviews
Member since: Jan 2015


It is like a bit of heaven to walk out on the flats for a mile or so when the tide is out, the sun is shining and a warm, gentle breeze surrounds you. We love it! And returned over and over.

Newton, MA
2 reviews
Member since: Feb 2014


Close by [to Orleans Vacation Rental ID 23532] and pretty in the evening. Great to walk in the shallow waters. But we don't go often because we have the lake at our door.

Maplewood, NJ
2 reviews
Member since: Jan 2009


The tidal flats are amazing.

Castleton On Hudson, NY
3 reviews
Member since: Jun 2007


Always our favorite beach! On Cape Cod Bay - great for swimming (high tide) as well as walking the tidal flats forever (low tide).

2 reviews
Member since: Jun 2015


Quiet, beautiful, accessible

Schenectady, NY
2 reviews
Member since: Feb 2015


A beautiful bay beach for swimming at high tide and spending hours observing the sea life during low tide.

Endicott, NY
2 reviews
Member since: Mar 2015


Skaket Beach is perfect for a quiet day at the beach, especially if you have young children! A bay beach, the water is "bath-water warm", but still cool enough to be refreshing, and offers little explorers lots of fun chasing down hermit crabs and minnows in the sea grass during low tide. The waves rolling up on the beach are calm and gentle, easy for a small child to navigate and enjoy.

Florence, MA
2 reviews
Member since: Mar 2012


We love Skaket because it is great for our young kids. At high tide they can swim and play in the water, and at low tide they can play in the tide pools, go for long walks, and explore. They almost always find friends to play with, too!

Troy, NY
4 reviews
Member since: Jun 2009


We love to go to Skatet if we want to enjoy the low tide. You can walk out forever and see interesting sights along the way. It is a must for children and for the cooler days you might experience.

Princeton, MA
2 reviews
Member since: Feb 2013


The color of the water is amazing, the tidal pools are beautiful!

Massapequa, NY
4 reviews
Member since: Jul 2012


This year we visited Skaket beach often. The kids really enjoy going out far when the tide goes in. When we want waves, our favorite beach is Nauset.

Paxton, MA
2 reviews
Member since: Sep 2013


It's a great place to go for viewing the most spectacular sunsets. Also, little children love it to look for crabs as the tide recedes. As far as we're concerned, the beach at Pochet, although not public, is the most beautiful beach ever. The short walk there is incredibly beautiful!

Prospect, CT
2 reviews
Member since: Jul 2013


Short drive .. nice restrooms .. very clean sand and water

Wellesley, MA
10 reviews
Member since: Dec 2006

Awesome beach for kids

This popular bay beach is terrific for children. Not only is the water shallow and wave-free, but during low tide, you can walk out forever and still be up to your knees! The kids love searching for all sorts of sealife in the tidal pools.