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Guest reviews posted on your listing have become vital to the success of renting a home. They foster credibility and trust and thus strongly influence the decision-making process of the vacationer to inquire about and book your vacation rental.

In addition to reviews submitted directly by your guests, it is easy for you to post additional reviews you may have received from your guests in the form of thank you notes or comments in a guest book. And the Request Guest Reviews feature also makes it easy for you to solicit additional reviews from your guests.

Policy & Guidelines

We closely monitor all guest reviews submitted by your guests on a daily basis. Each review must meet our Guest Review Policy & Guidelines in order to be posted. We will always send you the guest review so that you will have an opportunity respond before it is posted. In the unlikely event that you receive a negative review, we will place the review On Hold to allow time to receive additional feedback from you and/or the vacationer. If we then determine that the review is not valid, we will reject it.


The Guest Reviews feature:

  • Enables you to easily solicit feedback from your guests by emailing them a Request Guest Reviews Form.
  • Allows guest reviews to be submitted in three different ways:
    • Directly by your guests, who can click on the write a review button on your listing. This review will include a star rating.
    • Directly by your guests responding to your Request Guest Reviews Form email. This review will also include a star rating.
    • Entered by you from notes, emails or guest book comments. These reviews will be designated on your listing as “Homeowner Entered” reviews and will not include a star rating.
  • Enables you to post an Owner Response to any review.
  • Provides an opportunity for you to explain why a negative review is unjustified or fabricated and should not be posted.
  • Enables your guests to provide a star rating of your property.
  • Enables your guests to provide constructive feedback for your eyes only. This information will not be posted on your listing.
  • Is linked to the Booking Management system enabling you to easily access your guests’ contact and booking information.

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The Process

When a vacationer submits a guest review, the following will ensue:

  • If it is a positive review (over 95% of them are) and meets our guidelines, we will send it to you. It will be posted within 7 business days, along with your response, should you choose to write one.
  • If the review does not meet our guidelines, we will reject it, and it will not be posted to your listing. We will email you and the vacationer that the review was rejected.
  • If the review is negative or controversial, it will be placed On Hold in order to give you the opportunity to explain to us why it is unjustified or fabricated.
  • If, after hearing from you, we determine that the review is not valid or appropriate, we will notify the vacationer that it has been declined.
  • If, however, we determine that the review is valid, we will post the review along with your Owner Response if you choose to submit one.

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Video Tutorial

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View All Reviews

Filter reviews received:

Viewing your guest reviews

  • by date – use the Date Range fields to filter reviews by season, for example
  • by status -
    • Posted are reviews that are already posted live on your listing.
    • Not Posted are reviews that exist for this property, but do NOT appear on your listing.
    • Pending are reviews that have been submitted by vacationers but have not yet been approved for posting.
    • On Hold are reviews that have been submitted by vacationers but require further information before a determination is made as to whether the review should be posted or declined.
    • Declined are reviews that have been submitted by vacationers but did not meet our Guidelines and were declined and will not be posted on your listing.

The "Entered By" field distinguishes reviews by:

  • "Vacationer" if it was submitted directly by your guests who clicked on the Write a Review button located either on your listing or in the Request Guest Reviews Form email you have sent them.
  • "Homeowner" if you entered vacationer feedback from notes, emails or guest book entries you have received from guests.

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Post a review submitted by you

If you have received feedback from one of your guests either by email, a note, or an entry in your guest book, you can transcribe it onto your listing by following these steps:

Enter New Guest Review Click on the "Enter New Guest Review" link on your Guest Reviews page.

Guest Review Enter New

Vacationer Name: Enter the guest's first and last names, the location of their primary residence, their review and the date of their rental. Note: The full name of the guest will not appear on the listing - only the guest's first name and initial of their last name

Check and Save the Review for Posting: Check the "Post review" box and click “Save” to post the review to your property listing. (Otherwise, the review will NOT appear on your listing.) Posting may take a few seconds as it updates your property listing with the new or updated review.

Guest Review Enter New

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Submit an Owner Response

You may submit an Owner Response to any review you receive. To submit an Owner Response, click “view” to the right of the guest review listed on your Guest Reviews page. Enter your Response in the Owner Response field below the guest review, and click “Save.”

View our requirements and recommendations for submitting an Owner Response

Add homeowner comments or a response to a vacationer review

We will review your response and post it with the guest review. If you submit a response after a review has already been posted, we will email you and your guest that the response has been posted.

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Request Guest Reviews

Solicit valuable guest reviews from your guests immediately after they leave, while memories are still fresh, or when you return their security deposits. There are two methods for soliciting reviews:

  • Email your guests using our Guest Review Request Form.
  • Verbally request that your guest write a review by asking them to: 1) go to your listing and click the "Write a review" button, or (2) enter feedback in your Guest Book at the property, or 3) mail or email their feedback to you so that you can enter it on their behalf. Note: Reviews entered by you will be identified on your listing as “Homeowner Entered.”

How to Use the Guest Review Request form:
From the Guest Reviews page, click on the "Request Form" tab at the top.

Guest Review Request form

Select Sender Email and Name: Under "Homeowner Details," confirm or select the email address from which your request will be sent. The emails displayed are the emails stored on your homeowner account. To add or update these email addresses, update your Contact Info from the Homeowner Center.

Enter/edit "Your Name" - the name from whom the email will be sent.

Choose or enter up to 3 guests to email: Select one or more guests from your Booking Management records using the dropdown menu. By default the list of booking records are from this year only. Check the "show all bookings entered" to find a booking record prior to this year.

Upon selecting a Booking record, the Email Address, First Name and Last Name of the guest will automatically be populated in the fields to the right.

Select a guest from Booking Management

Manually entering the email addresses and first and last names of your guest(s) - if a guest does not exist in your Booking Management, the email address and names may be manually entered in the fields provided.

Manually enter a guest

Important Note Vacationer Privacy - Any vacationer information manually entered by a homeowner in the Guest Review Request will not be used by for any marketing purposes, nor will it be sold or shared with any 3rd parties.

Compose your email: Our sample email subject, message, and closing will be displayed by default. If you have saved your own template for the Guest Review Request email, it will be displayed. Otherwise, the sample email will be displayed. The subject, message body and closing (or signature) may all be modified.

Compose your guest review request email

Preview your email: To display a preview of your email, click the "Preview" button. Click "Edit" to make any changes.

Send your email: Click "Send" either on the Compose page or from the Preview page. To be sent a copy of each email sent, make sure to check "Send me a copy."

View Booking Management tracking: If you use our Booking Management system, it will save and track any guest review request email you send to a guest in their booking record. Learn more

Track your guest review requests: To view a list of every request you have sent and the dates they were emailed, click on the "Request History" tab on your Guest Reviews page.

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