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Your listing allows you to really market your property by presenting your home and its setting as inviting, welcoming, and relaxing. A well-written, carefully thought-out, and informative listing gives a positive impression of both the home and of you, the owner.

Pictures & Video

  • Your pictures (and video) should provide a complete overview of your home. At a minimum, include an exterior front shot, living room, dining room/area, kitchen, at least one bedroom (preferably the master), porch/deck/patio, sunroom, back yard – and a beach picture!
  • Pictures should be of good quality. Poor pictures can indicate a dark, shabby, cramped, unattractive property – even if it isn’t! Be sure to upload pictures in the largest size possible (at least 1600 pixels across) so that they can be popped up to nearly full-screen size in your Photo Slideshow. Tip: horizontal photos tend to display better than vertical ones in the pop-up Photo Slideshow.
  • Stage your scenes by setting the table, adding flowers, opening doors, turning on lights, etc. (No personal effects or people in the interior pictures.)
  • Video is an excellent enhancement, especially if your property has expansive views. Include video of both your home and its surroundings.


  • They should be as informative and descriptive as possible.
  • Use adjectives to set the tone and psychologically influence the viewer.

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Guest Reviews

  • Post as many as possible and be sure to add current ones each year.
  • Take advantage of our Request Form feature to solicit new reviews.
  • Don’t wait too long after your guests have left to ask them for a review

View more information on Guest Reviews

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  • Highlight your greatest assets.
  • Set the tone for your property.
  • Be specific, inviting and descriptive.
  • Include words that optimize your visibility on search engines.

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Property Description

Describe what makes your place unique. Include information on all three of these topics:

  • The interior of the house itself including a general description and layout of the rooms and bed configurations as well as any special, individual amenities.
  • The immediate setting including your porch/deck/patio; yard; immediate neighborhood; and any nice views or water access if applicable.
  • The general location including your proximity to beaches and other area attractions such as restaurants, shopping, ferries, golf, bike trails, playgrounds, etc.


  • Use complete, flowing sentences rather than short phrases and abbreviations.
  • Describe your home and its environment accurately. It is better to have guests be pleasantly surprised than disappointed upon their arrival.
  • Double check for typos or grammar or punctuation mistakes, which can be off-putting to prospective guests.


  • Don’t use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS or excessive exclamation points.
  • Avoid filling your web page with pricing policies and restrictions. Your goal in this section is to encourage inquiries about your home. Legal and other business issues should be stipulated in your lease, not your listing.

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Pricing and Availability Calendar

  • Keep it up to date regularly by clicking “Submit” – even if there haven’t been any changes. This automatically displays the current date, assuring vacationers that all information is accurate.
  • Make sure there are no odd checkmarks midweek, and do not check as unavailable the day when the guests are leaving.

View the Calendar Setup Instructions (PDF)

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Owner Special

  • Be specific.
  • Give vacationers an incentive to book sooner rather than later.
  • Make it intriguing so that vacationers view your full listing.
  • If you are advertising a discounted price in your Owner Special, be sure to adjust your calendar to reflect the new price.
  • Be sure to keep your Owner Special current and appropriate to the time of year.

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Last-minute Availability Alert

  • Use the Alert to further highlight availability within the next four weeks of posting.
  • It’s most effective when used in conjunction with an Owner Special.
  • Be sure to reflect any price reduction on your calendar, too.
  • The feature displays an icon on the Power Search results page and on the town property directory page, as well as on your actual listing.
  • Your Alert will also be displayed on our "Last-Minute Availability and Deals" page for vacationers looking to view listings with last-minute availability and highlighting special offers.

View more information on Last-Minute Availability Alerts

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Contact Information

  • Each season, be sure your contact information is current and accurate and includes at least one phone number and email address.

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