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Why Invest in Travel Insurance

Josie Cataldo | 1/10/2022

When it comes to travel insurance, it shouldn’t be a matter of if you should purchase it, it should be a matter of how much you’re going to purchase.

The uncertainty that COVID has unleashed over the last few years has led us all to cross our fingers in the hope that our carefully laid out plans don’t come crumbling down. We know that when you’re going through the motions of booking your vacation and assigning money to all your adventures, it can be a bit daunting to shell out even more money on what you may consider to be an unnecessary expense.

However, before you click past protecting yourself, consider the following scenario. What do you plan on doing if someone in your family/vacation group contracts COVID the day before you leave for your trip? Assuming you and the rest of your party don’t want to contract/transmit COVID, you should follow necessary CDC guidelines, even if that means cancelling your trip.

With COVID cases surging amidst the new variant and having to ensure their seasons are successful and devoid of any last-minute conflicts, homeowners have gotten stricter regarding cancellation policies. This being said, getting caught in a cancellation policy with hefty consequences can be avoided if you choose to protect yourself with travel insurance.

Most travel insurance policies are covering cancellations due to a confirmed case of COVID, and with Omicron cases on the rise, you should take charge of the situation while you can and invest in protecting your trip before it’s too late!

When you go to to book your next Cape and Islands vacation, you’ll be greeted on the home page by a link to the travel insurance provider, This site will generate quotes for you based on your vacation itinerary and will help you choose the policy that best suits your needs. When picking your plan, make sure to check out the COVID FAQ’s to ensure that the coverage aligns with what you’re looking for!

You and your plans are worth investing in, and with the world already enveloped in such uncertainty, you should seize every opportunity you can to solidify securing your plans, your safety, and your happiness.